Eagle-eyed readers of the latest Star Wars: Allegiance issue noticed that a panel featuring a Mon Cala fleet bore a striking resemblance to models created by a Star Wars miniatures fan-creator, leading some to accuse series artist Luke Ross of plagiarism.

In the fourth and final issue of the Star Wars: Allegiance miniseries, Leia Organa, Rey, and Rose Tico convince the Mon Calamari people to join the Resistance’s fight against the First Order. After agreeing to assist the Resistance, Mon Calamari General Nossor Ri flies a suicide mission to distract a planetary blockade established by the First Order and allow for the Mon Calamari fleet to escape into hyperspace.

A panel seen during this escape, depicting the entirety of the fleet provided by the Mon Calamaris, was accused of being directly traced from models created by Alberto Melchor Ruiz Antón, the owner and artist of Mel Miniatures who specializes in creating 3D printed models for use in the Star Wars Miniatures tabletop game:

Notably, various ships seen in the drawing of the Mon Calamari fleet, such as A-Wings, X-Wings, and transport cruisers featured ‘pegs’, which are only featured in the miniatures models as a means for the model to stand freely during gameplay:

Marvel’s Star Wars: Allegiance Series Accused of Tracing Fan Models for Mon Calamari Fleet Artwork

Ruiz Antón, the creator of the original model, eventually took note of the similarities but was not upset by the alleged tracing of his models, noting that he did not “mind this at all” and “personally [found] it awesome”:

He did note that Marvel Comics should not be tracing his work.

He also expressed disappointment in how the page breaks continuity.

Marvel has had numerous issues with tracing in its Star Wars titles, specifically in its main title. Reddit user /u/GenRhysDallows accused series artists Jorge Molina and Salvador Larroca of similarly tracing fan made 3D models, providing a comparison image to support his claim. Larocca was also heavily criticized for his excessive use of photo referencing which often left characters looking uncanny and off-putting.

As of writing, neither Marvel nor Ross have publicly commented on this accusation.

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