Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star John Boyega had some words for “uptight” Disney fans while appearing on the YouTube channel First We Feast.

As reported by Disney Star Wars is Dumb, Boyega was asked why Notting Hill Carnival is such a big deal while partaking in some spicy wings.

Boyega responded, “You know what I got in trouble for this shit. I went to Notting Hill Carnival and I caught wines. You know you go to Notting Hill Carnival you’re going to catch wines . You wine on a girl, you know, you dance, and it’s part of the culture.

Boyega adds, “This is one of my many subjects and we had a fantastic time. And she was like, ‘Yea let’s take a picture.'”

The host then asks, “Why did you get in trouble?”

He responds, “I guess there were some Disney fans who were like uptight and be like ‘Oh someone that’s part of Disney wouldn’t do something like that.’ I’m like ‘Shut up man. I’m catching wines at Carnival.”

For those who don’t know what wine means, Carribean Beat explains that it “is to move your hips and waist in a β€œwinding” motion, hence the name. The dance is peculiar to calypso, although someone with real skill and dedication could wine to any kind of music.”

The Notting Hill Carnival controversy happened in 2017 after Boyega documented his experience on Instagram and Twitter.

At least one Twitter user took issue with Boyega’s dance moves saying, “It’s not funny. Can you imagine strong females like Padme, Leia, or Rey in a similar situation? I can’t…”

Boyega responded at the time, “Yep! Rey would back it up!!!! Wooooooiiiiiii”

He added, “Oh shoosh. My responsibility is to myself. Go sit down jor.”

What do you make about Boyega’s comments concerning these “uptight” Disney fans?

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