The production team behind the Azur Lane anime has announced that episodes 11 and 12 of the popular anthropomorphic warship series will be delayed from their original December release dates to March 2020.

In an announcement posted to the official website for the Azur Lane anime, Bisbury Animation Studio stated that the episodes were being delayed in order to ensure they were produced in a quality “that will make more people happy” after some fans complained about the animation quality of previous episodes.

The team also stated that “all of our staff will do our best to create a work that meets the expectations of our fans.”

Azur Lane

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Episode 11 was originally scheduled to air on December 19th with episode 12 scheduled to air the following week on December 26th. Episode 10 is still on schedule to air on December 12th.

Funimation, which simulcasts the anime series for English audiences, announced the delay to Western audiences on Twitter:

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