A leaker has revealed a number of character deaths in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film.

Twitter user @CallMeBenSwolo took to Twitter after allegedly seeing The Rise of Skywalker to reveal all of the characters who died in the film.

Those characters include: Boolio, Hux, Pryde, Leia, Ben Solo, Snap Wexley, Rey, and Palpatine.

While CallMeBenSwolo has locked his account, a screen shot of the tweet was posted onto the StarWarsLeaks subreddit.

List of Character Deaths from StarWarsLeaks

You can see the photo below.

A number of these deaths had already been leaked by Jedi Paxis’ source earlier this month.


Jedi Paxis revealed Hux would be executed by General Pryde after he betrays the First Order and helps the Resistance escape Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer.


Leia’s death will apparently be similar to Luke’s in The Last Jedi. She apparently over exerts herself using the Force and perishes.

She does so by helping Rey snap out of a dark vision that is attempting to seduce her to the Dark Side. After snapping out of Rey, Leia is reportedly weakened and on the brink of death.

After this dark vision, Rey will confront Kylo Ren and the two will have a lightsaber duel. In order to gain the upperhand on Kylo Ren, Leia will distract Kylo Ren with her final word, “Ben.”

CallMeBenSwolo appears to confirm this as a Reddit summary of more of his leaks details:

“Leia and Kylo have no scenes together. Rey stabs Kylo during their fight at the same moment Leia dies. Rey cries and heals him after.”

Ben Solo and Rey

The leaks regarding Ben Solo and Rey’s deaths from Jedi Paxis also appear to have been confirmed.

At the end of the film, Ben will be tossed into a ravine by Palpatine. He will climb out of this ravine or trench after Palpatine has been defeated and discover a dead Rey.

Rey will die after facing off against Palpatine. Apparently, she will be crushed when the arena collapses around her after she deflects Palpatine’s Force lightning.

Kylo will then perform a Force heal that revives Rey, but he will fade into the Force similar to Luke in The Last Jedi.

The Reddit summary of CallMeBenSwolo reads:

“Some more confirmation that, yes, Kylo dies after his redemption. Kylo revives Rey. They smile at each other, she says “Ben” and they kiss. Kylo disappears like Luke when he dies. They do not say “I love you.”

Another Twitter user described the kiss as “beautiful.” They added, “It’s a little dark. But they are holding each other. She wakes up and looks at him and smiles and says “Ben” and then they kiss.”

A photo surfaced on Reddit showing the kiss.

The kiss 🙁 from StarWarsLeaks


After somehow surviving Return of the Jedi, Palpatine will return with the powers of all the Sith within him that he intends to pass down to Rey after she kills him.

However, Rey refuses to go along and there is a battle, although CallMeBenSwolo indicates it’s not a real battle.

Based on the previous leaks, Rey will deflect Palpatine’s Force lightning back at him that causes him to explode.


Boolio is a new character for The Rise of Skywalker. It’s unclear how he dies.

Snap Wexley

It’s also unclear how Snap Wexley will die. My best guess would be that he dies during the naval battle in the skies and space above Exogol.

General Pryde

It’s unclear how General Pryde dies, but he does die by the end of the film. This was confirmed by both CallMeBenSwolo and Bb8Spoilers.

It’s more than likely he also dies during the battle at Exogol.

You can read the full summary of CallMeBenSwolo’s leaks below.

Some more leaks from another Twitter user who went to the premiere from StarWarsLeaks

What do you make of these deaths from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?