A female-centric Fight Club style film titled Chick Fight is reportedly in development starring Bella Thorne and Malin Akerman.

As reported by Deadline the film will also star Alec Baldwin.

The film is not described as a reboot of the timeless classic Fight Club, but it does appear to be heavily inspired by David Fincher’s adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Described as an ‘action comedy’ film, Akerman plays a character named Anna.

Anna still hasn’t reconciled her grief over the recent death of her beloved mother.

She’s just discovered that her loving and supportive father is gay, and accidentally burns down her uninsured coffee shop business during a marijuana and alcohol binge.

Anna needs to be abruptly stirred from her emotional funk, and her best friend knows it.

She takes her to an all-women underground fight club, where Anna encounters an eclectic cast of characters.

Anna meets Olivia, (played by Bella Thorne) who is the club’s most brutal and efficient fighter.

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The two quickly become rivals in and out of the ring.

Jack Murphy (played by Alec Baldwin) is an aging and reclusive trainer who helps Anna find her purpose and inner strength.

Murphy teaches Anna how to survive the club and the skills needed to stand up to people like Olivia.

Based on this description it definitely looks like a female version of Fight Club. In fact, it appears to be in the vain of Ghostbusters 2016.

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Akerman, who will also be producing the film, confirmed Deadline’s reporting on Instagram.

She wrote, “So very excited to have these two talents join our little movie. It’s gonna be a blast!!!”

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Following this announcement, Jeremy from The Quartering questioned if Hollywood has learned anything from the previous female reboots, which have crashed and burned at the box office including Ghostbusters 2016, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Doctor Who.

A release date for the film has not been announced.

Shooting for Chick Fight is scheduled to begin in January of 2020.

Are you interested in this film? What do you make of this idea?

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