A new rumor details that Arrow and Supergirl executive producer Greg Berlanti has another assignment lined up for HBO Max – a Legion of Super-Heroes miniseries. Word is it’s going to be epic.

Mikey Sutton served up the scoop in an exclusive to JLS Comics – an associate of Lords of the Longbox – on YouTube. Sutton says Berlanti is “going cosmic” and planning a Legion adaptation that has a big budget behind it.

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Sutton asserts there is “no time frame yet, but development has begun” even if in a pre-scripting stage. What line-up remains to be seen “although Berlanti is particularly fond of the early ’80s run,” says Sutton, specifying Berlanti is most fond of the Fourth Volume launched in ’89.

The Legion has a long history, as JLS Comics notes, debuting in the 1950s. But, up to today, they are known for an association with Superboy.

That tendency to team up with the young Kal-El passed to Kara Zor-El on Supergirl. If the CW drama starring Melissa Benoist is any indication, Brainiac 5 and Mon-El might make it onto the miniseries.

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How “consistent” the team on HBO Max will be to the one on Supergirl “remains to be seen,” said Sutton. Berlanti has more money promised so he could put it to good use by hiring well-known actors.

“Berlanti has more funds to play around with here so hiring larger actors is a possibility,” Sutton said. In other words, the production might be an Elseworlds restart.

Greg Berlanti inked a contract extension with Warner Bros. in 2018 to the tune of $400 million. Extending into 2024, the deal incentivizes him to make more projects beyond his current number of 14. Extra cash kicks in as he develops more content.

Legion of Super-Heroes

His name is attached to Strange Adventures and Green Lantern Corps – also for HBO Max. According to the scoop, he is allegedly in the early stages of developing several comic book-related productions, including Kingdom Come. Brandon Routh already playing that Earth’s Superman makes things easier.

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Berlanti is the impresario of the Arrowverse and has credits as an associate producer on DC Universe originals such as Doom Patrol and Stargirl.

Legion of Super-Heroes

HBO Max launches in mid-2020.

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