Graphic artist The Imaginative Hobbyist turned Zac Efron into Dragon Ball’s Trunks.

He writes, “Quick edit turning Zac Efron into Trunks from Dragon Ball.”

There are rumors that a live-action Dragon Ball is in development.

We Got This Covered indicates their sources tell them that Disney will be adapting a live-action Dragon Ball film with an Asian cast.

They also note that the film will have a “big budget.”

In a follow-up rumor, they indicate this Disney adaptation will adapt the first arc in the Dragon Ball Z, where Goku faces off against his brother Raditz and Vegeta.

We Got This Covered details that the film will also feature “flashbacks to Goku’s childhood as he searches for a set of magic orbs, the mystical, wish-granting items that the series is named after.”

This means we probably won’t see Efron or anyone as Trunks for some time in a live action film.

Trunks, the son of Bulma and Vegeta, does not appear in the Dragon Ball Z anime until “The Mysterious Youth” episode in the second episode of the Trunks Saga. It is the 119th episode in the Dragon Ball Z series.

Trunks arrives just in time to prevent a restored Frieza and his father King Cold from hunting down and killing Goku’s friends and allies on Earth.

The Dragon Ball franchise recently had great success in their latest animated feature. Dragon Ball Super: Broly earned $30.3 million at the domestic box office and $122.7 million worldwide.

The Numbers reports it had a production budget of only $8.5 million. Domestic video sales would top $10.4 million.

However, the previous live-action adaptation Dragon Ball Evolution only earned a mere $9.3 million at the domestic box office and $58.2 million worldwide. It had a $30 million production budget as reported by The Numbers.

What do you make of Zac Efron as Trunks? Do you have any other actors in mind to play Trunks?

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