A new rumor details that Dracula will appear in Marvel Studios upcoming Disney Plus series Moonknight.

The rumor comes from Daniel Richtman on his Patreon and was first reported by Full Circle Cinema.

No details on what role Dracula will play in the show were revealed.

Marvel’s version of Dracula was first introduced in 1972 in Tomb of Dracula #1 by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan. It was based off Bram Stoker’s novel.

Tomb of Dracula

If this rumor does pan out to be true, it’s possible he will join other rumored Moon Knight villains which include Dormammu, Bushman, Morpheus, and Stained Glass Scarlet.

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A 4 Chan rumor regarding the show indicates it will feature two different timelines, 2003 and 2023.

The leaker explains, “It will be a trippy sliding timescale that I’ve heard compared to Westworld/Mr. Robot.”

They also note the show will feature violence despite being on Disney Plus. They detailed that the first episode sees Marc Spector “throw a man off a skyscraper to his death.”

Moon Knight

This is not out of the ordinary from violence seen in other MCU films as well as Star Wars. So it more than likely would fit right in on Disney Plus.

The show is also expected to explore “mental health issues, wealth disparity, and super hero action.”

The leaker also indicated the show would adapt Warren Ellis’ run on the book and stated that Marc Spector’s “classic costume and the Mr. Knight persona” will be featured on the show.

Moon Knight Tie-In with Blade

If this rumor about Dracula is to be believed, it’s possible the show could tie-in with the upcoming Blade film starring Mahershala Ali.

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Cosmic Book News reports a rumor from YouTuber TVO that Marvel Studios is planning on featuring Dracula in the Blade film and that he could be portrayed by Wesley Snipes.

In fact, TVO notes that Marvel’s “going old school. They are going like Tomb of Dracula #1.”

What do you make of this new rumor? Do you want to see Dracula in the Moon Knight series?