Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner reacted to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by throwing a little bit of shade at the film.

Eisner took to Twitter with his reaction for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

He stated:

“The Rise of Skywalker is an acceptable film, a lot of story and fan delights but somewhat emotionless.”

Eisner adds, “While The Mandalorian on Disney Plus establishes show creator Jon Favreau as the new George Lucas which Robert Iger had the foresight to declare.”

Eisner would then explain why he described the film as “somewhat emotionless.”

“Daisy Ridley played Rey throughout the film with one expression: awe/fear until the very end of the film when she reveals her name. That’s what I meant by a film that somewhat lacked emotion.”

Eisner then explained his explanation.

“In my previous comment I didn’t mean to suggest that Daisy Ridley acted poorly. On the contrary, she was excellent. The choice of attitude for Rey was intended and seems to fall on the philosophy of the character.”

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Eisner is not alone in this criticism. William Shatner stated he would need a “wayfinder of my own to understand what I saw.”

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“Disney just threw a gargantuan pile of Jabba the Hutt fecal matter against the wall and didn’t even wait to see what stuck. They jumped to conclusions while that overindulgent excrement was still in the air and somehow made it more convoluted and worthless than it’s ever been.”

What do you make of Michael Eisner’s comments?

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