Closing out 2019 with a teaser for fans, Edens Zero and Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima thanked fans for their support and to be on the look out for “many surprising announcements” in 2020.

The playfully mysterious message was shared in a tweet from Mashima on the last day of 2019. According to a translation provided by Crunchyroll, he also asked fans for their continued support in the new year:


-真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) December 31st, 2019

“Thank you again for your support this year! There will be many surprising announcements next year. I would appreciate your continued support! Have a happy new year!”

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Additionally, in celebration of the calendar rolling into the new year in Japan, Mashima also shared an original illustration:

Happy new year!

– 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) December 31st, 2019

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Mashima stayed busy in 2019. He worked on Edens Zero as well as the crossover title HERO’S, which features his characters from Fairy Tail and Rave. Both titles are published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine.

An anime adaptation of Mashima’s Fairy Tail aired its final season last year. The show ended in September.

A Fairy Tail RPG is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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It is expected to be released on March 19, 2020.

What kind of surprises do you think Mashima has in store for fans in 2020?