Alleged plot details about a rumored Star Wars Rebels sequel series have leaked.

This rumor comes shortly after YouTube Channel Kessel Run Transmissions reported that Star Wars Rebels sequel series was in development featuring Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren.

Rumor: Disney and Lucasfilm Developing Sequel to Star Wars Rebels Starring Ahsoka Tano

Now a new rumor from TheThrowAwayEwok on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit provides key information about the series plot.

TheThrowAwayEwok details that the show is slated to release late in 2020 on Disney Plus and that the first season is already in post production with Season 2 already underway as well.

As for the story, TheThrowAwayEwok explains:

“The story is set during the height of the short lived New Republic. We get to see the Republic Senate and explore some of the main galaxy post Return of the Jedi and before the sequels. But, I’m told only season 1 details this, and another show will truly delve into the New Republic.”

TheThrowAwayEwok appears to confirm The Kessel Run Transmissions rumor about Ahsoka and Sabine hunting for Ezra.

“Season 1 sets up Ahsoka and Sabine preparing to travel to the Unknown regions to find Ezra.”

Apparently, the show will see Ahsoka gift a relic to the Kaminoans, the alien race responsible for the clones. They will continue their work and will attempt to stop Captain Rex’s accelerated aging. Captain Rex will also join Sabine and Ahsoka on their hunt for Ezra.

However, they also detail that the show will also follow Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn. In fact, the information reveals the two will become unlikely allies as they find themselves caught up in a war between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Grysk.

In fact, the Chiss Ascendancy will play a prominent role in the show as this rumor indicates much of the show will take place on Csilla, the Chiss home world.

TheThrowAwayEwok elaborates, “The Chiss are the main society in the series and Csilla their homeworld acts as a hub and main staging point.”

Grand Admiral Thrawn was originally from the Chiss home planet of Csilla and a male officer in the Chiss Ascendancy before he becomes a Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy.

Csilla is located in the Unknown Regions.

The show will also introduce a number of new characters. One of those new characters according to the rumor is the niece of Thrawn. She is apparently Force sensitive and acts as a navigator for the Chiss in the “dangerous hyperspace routes of the unknown regions.”

Another new character will be “the last remaining member of the Rakata species.”

TheThrowAwayEwok describes this character as “a powerful force sensitive warrior who was once a cruel tyrant, when the Rakata empire was at it’s height.”

He adds, “He acts as a mentor to Ezra, he’s a very morally gray character.”

As for his look he’s described as an “Aztec amphibian god-king, with a cool Irish accent.”

The main antagonists of the series will be the Grysk. They are described as “emaciated Buddha on steroids.”

However, they won’t be the only threats. TheThrowAwayEwok details “there are far more sinister entities and phenomena awaiting our protagonists in the Unknown regions.”

As for the animation style they describe it as a blend between The Clone Wars and Rebels.

You can see the full Reddit post below.

Star Wars Rebels sequel information from StarWarsLeaks

What do you make of this rumor?

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