Roy Thomas honored a young Superman fan after her tragic and sudden passing.

Thomas shared on his Facebook that he lent a number of his Superman paintings to honor the young girl, Addison, while she laid in state.

In his Facebook post, Roy shared a picture of young Addison wearing a DC Comics Trinity jacket featuring the logos of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. She’s also cuddled up next to a rather large figure of Superman.

He explained the picture writing, “This is Addison. She is nine years old and loves Superman.”

While Thomas details that Addison passed away in her sleep, we spoke to a relative of Addison who explained she suffered a heart attack right before she was about to go to a friend’s house in the afternoon.

First responders and hospital attempted to resuscitate her without success.

Thomas then details that Addison’s relative contacted him and asked if they could hang his Superman paintings around the funeral home.

This idea came from the relative’s son. As Thomas writes, “Out of the mouths of babes I guess.” He continues, “Because she loved the character so much, her family wants to fill up the room where she’s laying in state, with Superman art.”

Thomas tells Bounding Into Comics, the relative and his son knew about his Superman paintings because for the last year or so, Thomas has been hanging a number of paintings at Gus’s Coney Island in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Addison’s relative and his family eat at the restaurant quite often to take in Thomas’ artwork.

However, Thomas details in his Facebook post that he didn’t actually know this family, but after he was contacted he saw that they were “sincere and in obvious pain.”

After being contacted, he tells us he “was only happy to help.”

Thomas met up with the family and as he writes on Facebook he “gave them every painting, drawing, and 3D stand up in my collection, including everything they could carry out of the restaurant.”

The pieces were loaned to the family and Addison’s relative tells us, “even if he offered we wouldn’t have taken advantage of his kindness like that.”

Roy continued in his Facebook post that he was “glad to help her mom and dad and do this one act of love for their little girl.”

He then reflected on his own daughter and thought of what it was like if something happened to her.

He wrote, “I have a daughter. If something happened to her (God forbid), you can dig a hole right next to her for me. I’m sure all parents would agree with me.

Thomas concluded his post writing, “God bless that little girls family.”

In a subsequent post, Thomas states he doesn’t want the focus to be on what he did, and points to Addison’s uncle as the one with “the real heart of gold.”

He also adds, “I hope you all will continue to pray for this wonderful family, as they go thru this nightmare that all parents dread.”

Addison’s relative tells us that Roy’s act of kindness “changed the feeling of the room.” He added, “It was really nice that he did that.”

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