Animated Aquaman Miniseries From Team Behind the Movie in Development for HBO Max

The kingdom of the Aquaman franchise is expanding beyond the Seven Seas. Warner Bros. and the 2018 film’s director James Wan are producing an animated miniseries exclusively for HBO Max. reports the three-part series will be called Aquaman: King of Atlantis and act as a sequel to the first movie. Picking up where it left off, Arthur is on the throne dealing with new threats to his reign.

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A press release was sent out with a synopsis that reads:

“Between dealing with unscrupulous surface dwellers, elder evils from beyond time and his own half-brother who wants to overthrow him, Aquaman is going to have to rise to the challenge and prove to his subjects, and to himself, that he’s the right man for the trident.”

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Allies and Foes

HBO Max head of original content Sarah Aubrey said the following, talking up Aquaman’s characters, storylines, and box office success:

“This DC property is a fan-favorite rich with well-known characters and dynamic storylines. On the heels of Warner Bros. Pictures’ box office smash hit, we are certain ‘Aquaman: King of Atlantis’ will be an exciting addition to our already robust slate of kids and family programming.”

Aubrey and the synopsis don’t give much away but notes “Vulko and Mera will be on hand” to carry on as Arthur’s allies. If Orm joins them is another story.

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Momoa to Reprise Role?

There’s no word if Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Willem Dafoe will reprise their roles. Momoa being as close to his character as Hugh Jackman was to Wolverine, his presence is highly possible, if not a safe bet.

We also don’t know what villains may creep up from the Deep. Wan could continue the subplot with Black Manta and Dr. Stephen Shin teased during Aquaman’s mid-credits instead of saving it for the next movie. Anything is fair game.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis is executive produced by Wan, his Atomic Monster partner Michael Clear, animation vet and president of WB Animation Sam Register, and Rob Hackett. The showrunners are Victor Courtright and Marly Halpern-Graser, who also co-executive produce.

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Aquaman scored over $1.1 billion worldwide to become the all-time, top-grossing DC film, ahead of Joker and The Dark Knight. The sequel is scheduled for Dec. 2022 and we’re promised a horror spinoff about The Trench as well.

What do you think? Is more Aquaman a good thing? Will you sign up for HBO Max? Let us know.

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