Barbara Gordon will be added as a recurring guest star to the growing cast of Titans for Season 3.

A report by Discussing Film says Barbara won’t be Batgirl but instead will be the identity she assumed after being paralyzed by Joker: the wheelchair-bound Oracle.

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Casting for Titans 3

Casting is in process and they are looking for an actress who uses a wheelchair in real life. Here is the character breakdown:


Female, Late 20s – Early 30s, Caucasian. Compassionate, perceptive, sharp-witted and restless.

Gotham’s Police Commissioner has a photographic memory and an insatiable determination to protect the city she loves as deeply as the late father whose shoes she now fills. With her nose to the grindstone, before you’ve had your morning coffee, she’s the friend who tells it to you straight when no one else will.


As it notes, her dad James Gordon is dead and she is the new Commissioner of Gotham PD. The last time we saw this was in Batman Beyond. Barbara, still able to walk, retired as Batgirl and rose to Chief of Police like her father to fight crime a conventional way.

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Barbara Gordon as Oracle

If she uses her skills as Oracle to help the Titans and isn’t afraid to tell a friend like it is, she may get very blunt with Dick, whom she has an intimate past with.

Barbara was forced to step away from crusading as Batgirl on TV once before in WB’s Birds of Prey series. She was played by Dina Meyer (Johnny Mnemonic, Starship Troopers) who is not handicapped and displayed full usage of her legs in a few episodes.

Neither Barbara Gordon nor Batgirl will appear in the Birds of Prey movie out next month. However, she is slated for a solo movie as Batgirl by BOP writer Christina Hodson.

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Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, and Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm) are making it into Titans Season 3 as well. A premiere date isn’t locked in but production aims to start, according to the report, March 30th.

Titans is a DC Universe Original show but is set to stream on HBO Max too when it launches in May.

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