During a recent round table hosted by Marvel.com, X-Men senior editor Jordan D. White spilled the beans on plans for the first massive X-Men crossover following the launch of Dawn of X.

This past summer Jonathan Hickman reset the entire X-Men line. Between the mini-series’ House of X and Powers of X, he masterfully built out a whole new sandbox for the X-Men to play in.

Hickman-era X-Men Crossover is on the Horizon

In the end, the X-Men line which before had only carried about 6 books total, will soon be bursting at the seams. They carry as much now, but by June Giant-Sized X-Men, X-Cellent, X-Factor, X-Corps, Wolverine, Hellions, and X-Men+Fantastic Four will have all been added to the catalog of books. X-Men+Fantastic Four is currently the only limited series of the bunch. This brings the grand total of available X-Men books to a mindboggling 13-titles!

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Hickman-era X-Men Crossover is on the Horizon

Not even in the franchises ’90s hay day was there this much X-Men content on the shelves, at least not all at once. The only other line to get this much love was the Avengers – after the first MCU mega mashup movie in 2012. However, quantity doesn’t necessarily equal quality. Matter of fact, it rarely ever does. Of the six titles currently on the shelves, I can personally only vouch for three – X-Men, X-Force, and New Mutants.

In the words of Mr. White:

“We’ve announced a couple of new books, and we have a few more to announce yet. We’ve got a big X-Men crossover we’re working on that I am pretty excited for. We’ve actually got some plans for next December that are really fun, if they come together the way we want them to.”

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By the time this ginormous crossover comes around, I’m concerned what the X-Men landscape will look like. Not just because they are only batting 50% for me, but the horror of keeping up with a dozen or more books. I typically only buy what interests me, but if someone plans to follow the crossover properly come this December – it may get a bit pricey. I love the attention the franchise is receiving – but this screams cash grab.

Hickman-era X-Men Crossover is on the Horizon

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What could such a crossover be about? There’s so much going on now, but even more could happen between now and the Summer.

For instance, Moira hasn’t been seen about since the final issue of Powers of X. X-Corps is lined up to revolve around her, but in what aspect is still up in the air. Then there’s the fallout between the X-Men and the rest of the Marvel heroes that have yet to be illustrated. Some of that may be expanded upon during the Fantastic Four mini.

Either way, we’ll be here to talk about it. What do you think about the news? Let us know below!

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