The CD jacket cover for the upcoming release of My Hero Academia’s Season 4 second ending theme “Shout Baby” by Ryokoushoku Shakai has been revealed.

The jacket cover was shared by Twitter user Hero News Network and features a number of your favorite My Hero Academia characters including Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugo.

Take a look:

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Here’s a better look:

The ending theme performed by Ryokoushoku Shakai was introduced to the show on January 25th during the 78yh episode of the show titled “Smoldering Flames.”

The CD will be available for streaming on February 8th and will be available to purchase via CD on February 19th.

You can see the ending theme and listen to “Shout Baby” below.

Not only will the ending theme be available in February, but the opening theme “Star Marker” by Kana-Boon will become available in March. According to Otaku Mode, it will be available via CD on March 4th.

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You can listen to “Star Marker” below.

My Hero Academia is created by Horikoshi Kouhei and is currently being published in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The story follows the adventures of young Izuku Midoriya as he aims to become the number one Hero despite not having a quirk or superpower.

It was first serialized in July 2014. The manga was adapted to anime by Studio Bones and first aired in April 2016. The anime is currently in its fourth season.

The franchise has since launched two anime movies in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.

A spin-off manga titled My Hero Academia Smash!! by Hirofumi Neda was released in November 2015.

There have also been multiple video game adaptations including My Hero Academia: Battle for All and My Hero: One’s Justice. A sequel to My Hero One’s Justice is currently in development. Characters from My Hero Academia also appeared in the crossover game, Jump Force.

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There is also a stage musical adaptation called My Hero Academia: The “Ultra” Stage which ran in Tokyo and Osako in April 2019. A second stage play titled My Hero Academia: The “Ultra” Stage: A True Hero is expected to run in March and April 2020 with the same cast and staff from the first one.

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