According to a recently released police call log, it has been confirmed that the FBI currently has an open investigation into the allegations of predatory behavior, child grooming, and sexual abuse against YouTuber James “Onision” Jackson.

In a computer-aided dispatch obtained by Newsweek, an “event remark” from a 911 response to a December 12th, 2019 call regarding “a YouTube video that depicts a skit from August” reveals that not only had the Pierce County, WA Sheriff’s office “received numberous [sic] calls from around the country” regarding Jackson and the accusations against him, but also that “the FBI has opened a case and are reviewing his video content.”

Police Log Confirms YouTuber James “Onision” Jackson Currently Under Investigation by FBI

Jackson, who has had a history of controversies throughout his YouTube career, is currently facing accusations of grooming and underage sexual assault from numerous accusers. One woman, Sarah, alleges that she was involved in a relationship with Jackson’s husband (who, at the time, identified as their female birth gender) and had romantic conversations with Jackson while she was only 14 years old. Another accuser, Billie Dawn Webb, was allegedly ‘doxxed’ by Jackson in response to her own accusations of grooming and harassment against Jackson.

The allegations against Jackson have also been brought to the attention of famous To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen, who has since interviewed Sarah regarding the details of her allegations:

On January 29th, Hansen released a 40-minute long exclusive titled “Inside the Onision Investigation” featuring interviews from Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Ed Troyer, Attorney Mike Morse, and Regina, an ex-girlfriend of Jackson and Kai’s:

When asked about an investigation involving Onision’s child falling out a window, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Ed Troyer described how they are handling Onision’s case:

“What we do here is, we’ve taken all the police reports from that residence, and we have a detective that’s putting them altogether including that case. And it will be up to the prosecutor to decide, once we get all the facts and information together. We just keep going to the same place, and we’ll get all the information put together and we’ll get it to the prosecutor. And the prosecutor is the one that decides if charges will be filed. And that’s in the process of happening as we learn more and dig deeper into it.”

Troyer was then asked if the case had been referred to Child Protective Services. He responded:

“Any time that we have an incident involving a child, harm, death, injury, or abuse, we always refer to Child Protective Services.”

He also confirmed that the FBI is also investigating Onision.

“Well right now, even though it may seem like two separate investigations, unlike television, we work very well with the FBI. And one of the things that we’ll do is we’ll share information because we have access to information that they don’t because he’s local in our jurisdiction and they have information that we don’t. Once we get it all put together, there is a couple of different paths. It could either go federal or through the state prosecutors. And that will be up to the prosecutors once it gets to that particular point. But we work well with the FBI and our detectives will be swapping information with them.”

Later in the interview, Troyer stated, “We want them to know that there is a detective assigned. They are working with other agencies. The prosecutor is aware that this is going on. We are continuing put stuff together and feed it to the prosecutor. And when the time is right, we would like to do what we can to put an end to this.”

Hansen also asks Troyer to give him a timeline on how the case will be handled moving forward. Troyer answers:

“Well we are also working with the state. The state has a sexual exploitation task force too. And we are just making sure that everybody’s involved and we want to find out what else is out there. And we are hoping that people, through how you’ve made it aware, that people now know what’s really going on there. With the police presence there a lot, and people calling us, and us knocking on the door that it puts an end to it while we put the case together. Between the state, county, and the feds, and working through these social media apps, and getting the information from the victims, and even the third parties that are sending us this information about it happening. That’s all part of the case. So once we get it together we are continuing to work with a prosecutor where hopefully that charges are filed and he’s held accountable.”

Troyer described the Onision case as “the most prolific and the worst we’ve had in our county.” He added, “This is one of the larger ones we’ve seen.”

He then concluded, “Well the investigation is ongoing. It’s a complicated one. It’s one of the first ones we’ve ever seen like this. So we are working with the state and Feds and we are moving forward. We don’t want people to think we aren’t taking this seriously.”

The release of this video comes shortly after Jackson retracted his petitions for orders of protection against Hansen and YouTuber Daniel “Repzion” Sulzbach after having served the wrong ‘Chris Hansen’ in the lawsuit.