Popular YouTube media reviewer Joe Vargas, known better by his alias AngryJoe, has had his review of Star Trek: Picard struck from the platform after CBS copyright claimed “13 seconds of the trailer” used by Vargas in the video.

Vargas informed his fans of the issue on his Twitter page, stating that CBS had issued a “manual block” to his video, ‘Star Trek: Picard (2020) REFERENCE Full Episode Master,’ on the grounds that Vargas showed “13 seconds of the Publicly Available Trailer too close to another 13 seconds of the Trailer.”

Given that the Star Trek: Picard trailer has been widely available for viewing for months, the rationale behind CBS’ decision was called into question, with some believing that this claim violated the concept of fair use.

Not only is the trailer available, but CBS uploaded the entire first episode to YouTube on January 30th, three days after they originally flagged Vargas’ video.

Several days later, Vargas’ video was fully restored along with the video’s monetization privileges, claiming that it’s restoration was due to “the Angry Army causing a ruckus.”

What do you make of CBS flagging the review then restoring it days later?