After responding to criticism of their use of of H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos in their new Fate of Cthulhu role-playing game by calling critics “edgelords and apologists” and adamantly telling them to “f*** off,” representatives of Evil Hat Productions have continued to insult any detractors.

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Following the initial backlash to Fate of Cthulu’s use of Lovecraft’s creations while decrying him as a racist, discussions surrounding the game began to taper off before being reignited at the beginning of February after Evil Hat Productions drew attention to how “there are no sanity rules in Fate of Cthulu,” with players who encounter Lovecraftian-horrors instead gaining new powers instead of losing their mind to madness, in a patronizing attempt to be respectful to players with “mental illness.”

As more people began to level criticism at them, Evil Hat Productions responded to the new wave of criticism by incorrectly presenting critics as being “mad we called out HP Lovecraft for the racist and anti-semite that he was” and stating that “you can play in your corner of the sandbox and we can play in ours.”

Fate of Cthulhu designer Fred Hicks offered up his thoughts on the backlash on his personal Twitter page, once again misframing the criticism as people complaining about “politics in my games,” while calling critics “misinformed/ignorant subhuman garbage.” He also responded to individuals who took issue with their use of Lovecraft’s name solely as a marketing tool describing their argument as “obvious idiocy.”

Hicks then attempted to justify his use of Lovecraft’s work under the concept of “enlightened self interest” and stated that “we wanted to do something with Cthulhu because Cthulhu sells” and he believed his decision constituted an “ethical stance.”

This conversation was later joined by Fate-system designer Rob Donoghue, calling critics “lickspittles” and “shitheels” while accusing them of having “a larger toxic effect on hobby discussions of business.”

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