The upcoming WandaVision show expected to debut on Disney Plus looks to capitalize on nostalgia with multiple TV sitcom connections including Roseanne and The Brady Bunch.

The Super Bowl spot gave us a plethora of references and fans are already speculating on what they are. Reddit user /u/Wico90 posted an image to Reddit of screen shots from the trailer. They captioned it, “I Love Lucy, Bewitched; The Brady Bunch; Family Ties; Full House; WandaVision.

Take a look:

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige described the show as “half classic sitcom, half MCU spectacular” at D23 back in August. Vision actor Paul Bettany also described it as a “mash-up of sitcoms.”

At the time it was believed the show would be influenced by The Dick Van Dyke Show given the promotional poster featured at D23.

With the Super Bowl TV spot, we discovered Bettany wasn’t joking when he described the show as a “mash-up of sitcoms.” There are a plethora of classic TV sitcom shows referenced.

The Sitcom Inspirations

From the Super Bowl spot we can see an obvious call back to “I Love Lucy” in Elizabeth Olsen’s dress.

The next features a very 70’s vibe and is reminiscent of “The Brady Bunch.” I think they have the staircase from the show in there as well. But the style of clothing and the hair is so Marsha Brady. Wanda also has a baby bump. Quite a prominent one at that.

We then get Wanda in her classic Scarlet Witch outfit, which also brings to mind “Bewitched.” The classic costume reflects Elizabeth Montgomery donning similar garb for a Halloween episode. However, it’s hard to determine what era this house might be from.

The next features a plaid shirt, suspenders, and wallpaper reminiscent of “Roseanne.” But it could very well be something from “Family Ties as the walls and wardrobe for both shows look eerily similar. The refrigerator is decorated with art seemingly made up by a child. You can make out the letter “B” and the other may be a “T.” referencing Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd, respectively.

The next shot appears to mash up Family Ties, Family Matters, and Roseanne. It has the iconic window from Family Ties, the staircase from Family Matters, and Vision appears to be doing his best Dan Conner.

What We Haven’t Seen

While we did get Wanda and Vision going crazy through a number of sitcoms, we still haven’t seen anything from the 17th Century which was teased in leaked set photos of Kathryn Hahn’s character months ago.  Those set photos hinted that she may be playing a character from the comics, Agatha Harkness. And her inclusion to the series will perhaps mean she could mentor Wanda as she did in the comics.

Other set photos snapped by Just Jared indicated the show will feature S.W.O.R.D. with Monica Rambeau possibly working for the new governmental agency.

We also haven’t seen any footage of Kat Dennings reprising her role as Darcy Lewis. Nor have we seen Randall Park reprising the role of FBI agent Jimmy Woo. Production of this series has been very secretive, but as we get closer to the debut date for the show, more footage will release and we’ll get a better sense of what this show is all about.

WandaVision will premier on Disney Plus some time in December.

Were there any sitcom references we missed? What do you make of WandaVision so far?

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