The CW recently gave the green light for a Supergirl spin-off titled Superman & Lois starring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, and in the pilot episode a major character will die.

Details about the pilot episode have already surfaced courtesy of Prime Timer.

Those details indicate Clark Kent and Lois Lane have twin boys named Jonathan and Jordan Kent, who are just starting high school. And while they might be twins they are very different from each other. Jonathan Kent is a star athlete full of confidence and quite popular. His brother, Jordan, is much more introverted and focused on computers.

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Prime Timer also revealed that Lois Lane’s father, General Samuel Lane is also in the picture alongside Lana Lang and her husband Kyle Cushing, who have two daughters, Sarah, age 14, and Sophie, age 8.

A source confirmed to Bounding Into Comics these details are accurate. However, our source also indicates that a major character death will occur in the pilot episode.

Clark Kent’s parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, will show up in the pilot episode primarily through flashback scenes recounting the classic Superman origin story and Clark’s arrival on Earth. However, when the show returns to the present, it’s revealed that Clark’s father, Jonathan Kent, has already died.

Jonathan Kent is not the major death though, Superman & Lois’ pilot episode will see Martha Kent pass away from a stroke. Martha’s death and subsequent funeral is the main catalyst for the show. It brings Superman and Lois back to Smallville, where the series is expected to predominantly take place. In fact, Martha’s final words to Clark as he speeds home to Smallville are, “Clark, it’s time. Come home.”

The Superman & Lois pilot is expected to shoot sometime this Spring and the series will more than likely air in Fall or Winter 2020.

Stay tuned to Bounding Into Comics for more details about the upcoming Superman & Lois show from The CW.