ONE Championship MMA fighter Itsuki Harata recently took to Instagram to post her transformation into Dragon Ball’s Android 18.

Android 18 was originally named Lazuli when she was an ordinary human. She would be transformed into Android 18 alongside her twin brother Android 17 by Dr. Gero in his vendetta against Goku.

During the Cell Saga, Android 18 is absorbed by Cell. However, while Cell is fighting Gohan during the Cell Games he regurgitates her. Following the defeat of Cell, Android 18 settles down and marries Krillin with the two having a daughter named Marron.

She would later be called back into the fight during the events of Dragon Ball Super using her infinite stamina during the Universe Survival Saga to defeat a number of challengers from different universes in the Tournament of Power.

Itsuki Hirata shared multiple images of her Android 18 cosplay on Instagram. Take a look.

Here’s a better look at the three images.

Not only did she transform into Android 18, but the MMA fighter also performed a Kamehameha inside the ring!

What do you make of Itsuki Harata’s transformation into Android 18?

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