New Theory Details That Owen Wilson Could Be Playing Major MCU Villain In Loki Series!

A new theory details that Owen Wilson will play Kang the Conqueror in the upcoming Loki series on Disney Plus.

The theory comes from Charles Murphy and Murphy’s Multiverse, who describes this theory as “the thing my own recent, personal nightmares are made of.”

Murphy’s theory comes on the heels of the recent casting announcement that Owen Wilson would be playing an undisclosed character in the Loki series. Speculation regarding Wilson’s character has been rampant from Balder the Brave to Justice Peace of the Time Variance Authority.

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Not only does it come off reports of Wilson being cast, but Gugu Mbatha-Raw as well, with speculation indicating she could be playing a race and gender swapped version of the leader of the Time Variance Authority, Mr. Alternity.

Much of the Time Variance Authority speculation comes from Disney Plus’ Super bowl TV spot which shows Tom Hiddleston’s Loki wearing what looks like prison garb with a TVA logo emblazoned on it.


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While Justice Peace has a direct connection to the Time Variance Authority, there is a much bigger character in Marvel Comics, who also is connected to the organization. That character is Kang the Conqueror. And it’s Kang that Murphy theorizes will be played by Owen Wilson.

The Time Travelling Troublemaker

In the comics, Nathaniel Richards is a denizen from the future. It is implied that he is the descendant of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. The former Richards is a scholar who becomes fascinated with the time travel technology created by historical villain, Doctor Doom. He uses this technology to travel back in time to ancient Egypt. Once there, he becomes a Pharaoh/god, while naming a young En Sabah Nur as his heir. The Fantastic Four, while also displaced by time travel, dethrone the time traveler and he escapes through time to meet up with present-day Doctor Doom. It is after this meeting and advancing far into his own future that he takes over a dying Earth and begins calling himself Kang the Conqueror.

Given all of his antics through time travel, this is enough to cause the TVA grief and to pursue him. The Fantastic Four as well as the TVA and their enforcers have worked together on a number of occasions to thwart the plans of the conqueror. And many times, Kang retreats to another timeline.

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Despite these setbacks, Kang is a continual threat to the time-space continuum. He operates as a group called the Council of Kangs, much like the council of Ricks (any Rick and Morty fans would know). Many of his counterparts run empires across time and multiverses. There is a prime version of himself who rules over all of them. His base of operations sits at the edge of space-time. It is a vast complex comparable in size to the Time Variance Authority headquarters.

Connections to the Show

Murphy speculates that Wilson could be playing Kang the Conqueror based on a number of factors. First, he points to a recent rumor from Daniel RPK that indicates Kang the Conqueror will be introduced into the MCU via the Loki series.

He then points to the Loki production company titled Limbo Production I LLC. He believes the name of the company could be referring to the fictional location of Limbo in Marvel Comics that Kang used as a home base on a number of occasions.

Murphy also points to rumors that the show will have multiple settings across time and place, some of which include Egypt and Time Square, places connected to Kang the Conqueror.

He also points to the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame and all of the time travel shenanigans the Avengers used. Murphy believes these shenanigans could come back to bite them in the butt, and who better to do the biting than Kang.

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Murphy continues by detailing that Wilson’s contract includes “an option for a to be determined number of film appearances.” He believes this could indicate that Wilson’s character will play a prominent role in the MCU in the near future. He also details that it rules out characters like Justice Peace.

“It indicates to me that not only can we possibly rule out an obscure character like Justice Peace or another member of the TVA, but also that Marvel Studios wants to lock Wilson into place for the next 3-5 years but, at this point, they aren’t locked in as to what films they might use him in.”

Finally, Murphy points to rumors that indicate Owen Wilson will be traveling to location sets alongside Tom Hiddleston and that Marvel is attempting to keep Wilson’s character a secret. He believes they wouldn’t go through this length of secrecy if Wilson was playing Justice Peace.

Finally Murphy concludes hoping that his theory is completely wrong.

“I’m going to spend the next several months hoping that someday we can all sit down and laugh as we label this theory as ‘WRONG.'”

But what do you think of Charles Murphy’s theory? Sound off in the comments below or let’s talk about it on social media!

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