Early leaks of chapter 57 of the Dragon Ball Super manga reveals that Earth is facing threats more major than they had previously anticipated.

[SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57]

The leaked scans were provided courtesy of popular Dragon Ball twitter account @DBSHype and its secondary account @HypeScansX. According to the scans, the battle against Moro’s alien henchmen continues on, with the Earth warriors being watched by their friends and family from Kami’s lookout:

While Krillin struggles against Yunba and Androids 17 and 18 continue their assault on the ability-copying Seven-Three, the leaks also reveal that the three women Master Roshi left to confront in the previous chapter fuse together into a single entity.

Most worryingly of all, the leaks reveal that Moro has finally arrived on Earth, encountering Son Gohan after taking his first steps on the planet’s surface:

A full detailed English summary of the chapter was also shared by DbsHype with a translation by Peraperayume.

The translated summary reads:

“Back on Dende’s Lookout Bulma placed several monitors which are connected to drones to be able to follow the respective battles on Earth. ChiChi however is disappointed as Kuririn is displayed instead of Gohan.

Kuririn used Destructo Disks against Yunba, but Moro’s henchman can defend and hits Kuririn to the ground. However, Kuririn controls a remaining Destructo Disk towards Yunba, which the bear-looking guy narrowly avoids (just gets a cut on his cheek).

Kuririn gets back up and controls more remaining Destructo Disks to Yunba. Yunba jumps and calls Kuririn “naive” as the disks seem to hit Kuririn himself. However, Kuririn used the Afterimage Technique to trick his opponent, answers that Yunba is “the naive one” here and wins by using a Kamehameha.

While the Galactic Patrol takes care of Yunba, Kuririn hears screaming voices in the forest.”

It continues:

“Roshi gets punched back and refers to the girls as strong opponents. The three of them come out with an angry impression calling Roshi a “pervy old geezer”. Kuririn says, that it wouldn’t be an issue if Roshi would use the power he used against Jiren. Roshi agrees, but states that he needs an empty heart to unleash that power. He figures that his heart might be evil? Kuririn can see why…”

It then switches to a fight involving Tien and Chaiotzu.

Meanwhile Tenshinhan and Chao-Zu are fighting are the Metalman Quoitor. As normal attacks don’t work, Tenshinhan questions what might be the weakness of these metalman. Chao-Zu remembers that the weakness of Metalman should be using “bad words”.

Chao-Zu uses swearing like “stupid piece of junk” to defeat Quiotor. After getting praise for winning, Chao-Zu says that Tenshinhan is just poor at using bad words.”

Back to Roshi.

“Roshi is using a cloth to cover his eyes making him able to properly fight the girls. Miza is questioning why the cloth suddenly made him stronger. Roshi says that the girls got off the “human’s path”, and should get back to the Galactic Prison to “redeem themselves” instead of adding more sins to their record.

Miza tells the other two girls to use “that technique”. Iwaza and Kikaza agree. While watching the battle, Oolong gets worried as he tells Bulma that the three girls fused!

They turned into a bigger character, but less attractive, with Roshi stating “she is absolutely not cute anymore.” In a moment of surprise, ROshi gets kicked into the forest. Bulma hopes that it doesn’t mean they are losing. While Puar is worried about Yamcha getting punched, Esca notices Moro spaceship finally going down to Earth.”

We then get information about Android 17 and 18s fight.

“17 and 18 are fighting Shimorekka and 73. 17 sets his finishing move on 73, but Moro catches his henchmanon his head. Moro says: “I said, you shouldn’t use my special ability that easily.” Shimorekka says that there was no other way to oppose them. Then Moro drops 73 saying that “the time to use his special ability will come. Until then, let him recover.” Saganbo brings 73 back to the ship.”

The initial summary concludes:

“As Piccolo and Gohan witness Moro for the first time, they notice his “terrifying ki”. Moro noticed that “the other two” haven’t arrived yet. Gohan answers: “Father and Vegeta will come with a new-learned power to defeat you. Until then it’s our job to protect the Earth.” Moro says that he is in a good mood and that Gohan should calm down. Gohan: “What do you mean?’ Moro explains that planets full of energy like Earth are hard to find. Therefore, it would be a waste to eat it up too quickly. He rather thinks “in which way it should be cooked”.

In a follow-up summary it is revealed that Goku returns.

The new summary continues:

“Follow Moro’s statement about taking it slow on Earth, Android 18 says: “That guy gives me a bad feeling…” Saganbo asks Moro, if he can take care of the “cooking” of their current opponents. After Moro’s surprised reaction, Saganbo explains that even when his members of the Galactic Bandit Brigade were defeated like this, he cannot just withdraw from the battle. Moro agrees, but orders not to kill them, as he wants to eat their life energy. Then Moro touches Saganbo to “give him another present”. Sganbo gets an energy boost, his upper body gets pumped up.

Gohan: “What? He raised his ki?”

Jaco: “Damn. Moro is even able to distribute energy to others!”

Saganbo: “Thank you, Lord Moro!”

Then Saganbo attacks and goes straight to Android 17, who gets support from his sister to defend. Jaco, Piccolo and Gohan now also join the Androids to push Saganbo. Saganbo gets the upper hand pushing both 17 and Gohan to the ground and the others away. Piccolo cannot believe that apart from Moro another such guy exists.”

Back to Tien and Chiaotzu.

“Meanwhile Tenshinhan and Chao-Zu see how Yamcha has trouble winning against Zauyogi, the staff officer of Zaganbo’s Brigade. Tenshinhan catches Yamcha, the three Z fighters now face Zauyogi together.”

The summary continues:

“Kuririn and Roshi hide from the giant girls fusion. Roshi claims: “That seems like the end of my old body’s stamina..” Kuririn thinks that there is no other way than preparing for an honorable defeat and continues: “If he notices our last power, he will come to us… Old friend.”

Finally Goku arrives.

“In a Galactic patrol space ship, Goku is frustrated that he hasn’t arrived yet, but then suddenly can sense the energy of his friends on Earth. But he notices: “Damn it, everyone’s energy gets less and less.” Which makes it hard to teleport. Then Kuririn jumps on a mountain and powers up, which Goku can sense to be able to teleport to Earth. Roshi wonders about Kuririn’s action that he gives up and waste his energy. Then the giant girl attacks and gets suddenly knocked out by someone. It’s Goku, who apologized to Kuririn: “Sorry that I always let you wait, Kuririn.”

The official chapter is slated for a Japanese release later today, February 20th, in V-Jump.

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