Artist Datrinti imagined actor Eva Green of James Bond and Sin City fame as Darkseid’s daughter Grail.

Datrinti wrote, “Something I would love to see adapted. Darkseid war! Based on Jason Fabok’s artwork.”

The Justice League: Darkseid War was an 11-issue comic book storyline by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok that debuted in Justice League #40 in June 2015 and ended in Justice League #50 in July 2016. It also featured seven tie-in one-shots.

The story arc wrapped up the New 52’s Justice League run and saw the Justice League caught in the middle of a universe spanning conflict between the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid. That war was brought on by the Amazonian assassin Myrina Black, who bore the child of Darkseid, Grail. She would train Grail and then send her across the multiverse to recruit the Anti-Monitor to defeat Darkseid.

However, Grail had machinations of her own. She would use the newborn child of The Syndicate’s Superwoman to fuse the powers of the gods and the anti-life equation into one being, creating a new Darkseid.

In order to defeat this new Darkseid, Wonder Woman, using her lasso, and Myrina Black would convince Grail to kill her mother and Darkseid in order to end the war.

It would work, but Darkseid would survive albeit in the form of a child with Grail acting as his mother.

What do you make of Datrinti’s mock up of Eva Green as Grail? Do you think Eva Green would make a good Grail? Would you want to see Warner Bros. adapt The Darkseid War storyline in a film or TV series?

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