Graphic artist BossLogic revealed what GLOW actress Alison Brie could look like as Marvel’s She-Hulk.

He wrote, “Ending the weekend with Alison Brie She-Hulk.”

A recent rumor went viral that Marvel Studios was looking for an Alison Brie-type actress to play the role of Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk in the announced She-Hulk series for Disney Plus.

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Brie responded to those rumors during an appearance on The Late Show with James Corden.

She responded to the rumors saying, “Well I woke up…You know, I really don’t go on Twitter anymore because it’s a dangerous space. So I didn’t really realize it was such a trending thing. But I woke up to a lot of Instagram posts of side by side pictures of me and She-Hulk, which I just thought ‘cool.'”

She continued, “And then that quote about an Alison Brie-type, which honestly, I found very exciting because for years I’ve auditioned for the Anne Hathaway-type or the Zooey Deschanel-type. I was like very flattered to be my own type for somebody else.”

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Brie concluded, “And then I made some phone calls and we’ll talk about it later.”

When pressed on if she actually made the phone calls, she says, “No. No. No. I did not.”

Corden then asks, “Why do you not want to play She-Hulk?” Brie answers, “I find it interesting.”

After those answers, Corden believes Brie is playing She-Hulk. He states, “I’ll be honest, I started this as quite a loose line of conversation. Now, I’m absolutely convinced that you are playing She-Hulk.”

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Brie then explains what an Alison Brie-type is, “I’m sassy and fun. But like I’ll kick your butt. And you’ll like it.”

What do you make of BossLogic’s mock up of Alison Brie as She-Hulk? What about her responses to James Corden? Do you think she’s playing She-Hulk?

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