Star Trek writer Melinda Snodgrass, who wrote one of the most iconic episodes of Star Trek ever in “The Measure of Man,” also happens to be a big Star Wars fan.

She diagnosed one of the major problems the film franchise faces under Disney’s regime while speaking with YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge.

Snodgrass explains, “I just wish they could get a handle on these big films.”

She adds, “And the problem is they are too big. It’s the same problem with the Marvel Universe. I don’t need threat escalation. I think threat escalation ultimately becomes eye rollingly boring. They are going to destroy New York. No, they are going to destroy the Earth. No, they are going to destroy the entire universe. Oh please!”

She continues, “Tell me something that matters to people in a small, personal way. And I think we are losing sight of that in a lot of these spectacles.”

Snodgrass also gave a brief review of each of the three recent Star Wars films.

“I’m disappointed. The first one was, if I’m kind, I can say it was a homage to A New Hope, the very first Star Wars movie because structurally it’s exactly the same movie.”

She then discussed The Last Jedi, “I’ll probably get people yelling at me, but I really liked The Last Jedi. I thought it was a fascinating deconstruction of myth. And that people begin to get too comfortable believing in their myths and have to be shaken out of it.”

Snodgrass continued, “I loved Luke’s journey from despair and bitterness to a man who once again decides to care. And so I liked the film.”

As for The Rise of Skywalker, she states, “And the third film, I was very disappointed. I was very disappointed. I thought they should have built on The Last Jedi. I spent the entire movie going, ‘Well, how did they build, and why are they, and huh?’ Yeah. And that’s never a good thing when you are no longer in the moment and you are asking all of these questions.”

What do you make of Snodgrass’s assessment of one of the major problems with Disney’s Star Wars films? What about her reviews for the individual Star Wars films?

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