Bloodshot writer and Fantasy Island director Jeff Wadlow recently revealed details for an X-Force film he was working on back in 2013.

Not only did Wadlow reveal details about the film, but he also appealed to Marvel Studios Kevin Feige for a job working with the X-Men and X-Force.

He told ComicBookMovie:

“Kevin Feige, if you’re reading this, I will do anything at all to work on your version of the X-Men and X-Force. I’m a filmmaker because of 90’s comics, so I obviously love them dearly, and it was actually a dream come true for me to write X-Force and meet Rob Liefeld. I loved doing it and would of course do anything to be part of whatever new iteration they have planned.”

A Script Written But Never Acted On

Wadlow went on to talk about some of the plans he had for his X-Force origin film:

“What I can share about my take on the property (As it’s not really relevant any more since Deadpool 2 introduced Cable, and I wrote X-Force before Deadpool 1 even came out), is that it asked if X-Men was about mutants who get to go to private school with Wolverine and Professor X, and have the Blackbird swooping down to pick them up, what about the mutants that have to go to public school? What about the ones who don’t have the benefactor looking out for them, and what about the kids who have to figure it out on their own? We then would have introduced that darker, more militant mentor in the form of Cable.”

Something like this would’ve been in the Fox Studios wheelhouse especially with their later entries in Logan and Deadpool.

Wadlow then talks about a trilogy for the young mutants.

“I plotted out this three-movie arc that took X-Force from what it was in the 90’s with Rob Liefeld with a band of kids fighting for what they believe in, and then by the third film, the group would have grown and changed and lost and picked up some new members, and basically turned into Rick Remender’s version of the X-Force in the early 2000’s. That was a much darker hit squad and black ops team who had lost their way over the course of the three films.”

Wadlow confirmed the plans never came to fruition, but he did write a script. He didn’t elaborate on why the plans never happened, but it was probably because Fox wanted to ride the wave of Days of Future Past with the new X-Men cast.

“They’re plans which never came to fruition, but I’m super grateful to have had the opportunity to have just written the script.”

Another X-Force, Another Film That Didn’t Happen

The team introduced in Deadpool 2 would have been a different take on what Wadlow proposed in his script. Drew Goddard, who also helmed the Daredevil Netflix series, would have headed the project.

It looks like Wadlow is more than willing to put his talents for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s X-Force or X-Men. That’s if Kevin Feige gives him the chance.

Wadlow’s Fantasy Island is currently in theaters and Bloodshot hits theaters on March 13, 2021.

What do you think about Wadlow’s statements? Do you think his darker tone for the X-Force would fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or let’s talk about it on social media!