Chris Kohler, a features editor for Kotaku, got his gaming cred called out recently following the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo.

Kohler took to Twitter after a particularly challenging session of gameplay with the FFVII Remake demo.

He wrote, “Wow, did that Final Fantasy VII Remake demo actually send my interest plummeting. I have basically zero idea how to play that first boss fight. A million interlocking systems all thrown at you at once.”

He would add, “Make sure to attack but also heal but also you can’t heal but also use magic but also you can’t use magic but also make sure to Stagger the enemy but also he has a barrier but also hide behind the debris but also.”

At first glance, this would seem innocuous. However, the game has a classic mode to play in, that is heavily cinematic and doesn’t require a lot of button interaction.

The classic mode is provided to help players who may be struggling with the game, or want a less control heavy experience.

Furthermore, the game provides clues for how to beat most boss fights.

Among many gamers, Kotaku doesn’t have the greatest reputation as it is.

Often cited for putting politics ahead of actual game journalism, Kotaku has become the meme of gaming news outlets.

This was evident in the hilarious responses to Kohler’s tweet.

I also could not miss this opportunity.

Jeremy from The Quartering also weighed in. It is absolutely worth watching.

Of course, there were a few defenders as well.

What do you make of Chris Kohler’s take on the difficulty of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Do you think he has a point? Do you think he was attempting to turn people away from the game on purpose?

Share your thoughts with us.