A new rumor indicates that Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 underwent reshoots to replace a cliffhanger ending with a series finale.

The rumor comes from YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge.

Midnight’s Edge details, “The purposes of these reshoots was allegedly to remove the Season 4 foreshadowing originally present throughout the season and replace the original cliffhanger ending with a series finale.”

They add, “Continuing on these rumors, we are also hearing that the current plan is only to reveal that the series is ending shortly before the final episode airs and then claim Discovery was always intended to be a three season series, which reached the end of its run. Something that would be blatantly false.”

Midnight’s Edge continues, “Our sources also tell us that while Secret Hideout had leased all of the sound stages at Pinewood Toronto for years to come, those leases have been transferred to other projects. While the Discovery sets were dismantled the moment production wrapped on the reshoots.”

Not only does Midnight’s Edge indicate Discovery underwent reshoots to turn a cliffhanger ending into a series finale, but they also detail that their sources tell them the third season is a “dumpster fire.”

Midnight’s Edge explains, “Allegedly, the marketing department have seen early cuts and their response to the footage was, ‘Dear God, please tell us this was from before the reshoots.'”

They add, “One source told us Season 3 would retroactively make Seasons 1 and 2 better, not by adding to the story in any meaningful manner, but by way of being so much worse.”

“Another source told us that calling Season 3 a dumpster fire would be an insult to actual dumpster fires everywhere because they at least burn the trash. So if these rumors have something to them, Season 3 should be a real treat,” concludes Midnight’s Edge.

While Midnight’s Edge is hearing rumors that Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 underwent reshoots to create a series finale, a separate rumor from Geeks WorldWide indicates Star Trek: Discovery was renewed through Season 5 at CBS All Access.

Geeks WorldWide reports, “Yes, you’re this correctly, CBS All Access has renewed Star Trek: Discovery for a fifth season.” They add, “Even though season 3 has not aired yet, CBS has already decided to renew the hit sci-fi adventure series for season 5.”

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He stated, “On the heels of Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access – which broke our records for total streams & subscriber sign-ups – we’re now taking the #StarTrek franchise & extending it across the house.”

Bakish also indicated they would be building on Discovery and Picard. He explained, “Building on Discovery & Picard, we now have 2 additional series in production at CBS All Access and Nickelodeon, and two more series in development; plus a series of Picard novels being rolled out at Simon & Schuster.”

He also indicated they are working on a film, “And a highly anticipated new Star Trek film at Paramount Pictures.”

What do you make of these differing rumors? Is there one you are inclined to believe over the other? What do you think the future of Star Trek holds?

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