The situation between Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Cyclops as shown in the current iteration of X-Men is weird. Extremely weird when you consider who’s involved. Traditionally, historically, Cyclops and Wolverine have only barely tolerated each other. Mostly over Wolverine’s well-known adoration of Jean Grey – Cyclops’ longtime lover, wife, and mother to at least two of his time/reality displaced children.

When Jonathan Hickman took over the X-Men franchise, he understandably shook things up. From the get-go, many of the X-Men have been behaving… oddly. Everyone’s ok with the existence of the Resurrection Protocols. Storm even presides over it as some sort of high priestess.

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

Xavier is handwaving away the telepathic manipulation of world leaders. Some of their most dangerous foes are now neighbors and even hold high ranking positions in their government – there’s a lot of #@$@ going on with Krakoa. I see it, but all this talk about Wolverine and Cyclops is just strange wishful thinking.

I admit it. They are much more touchy-feely-jokey than I’ve ever seen them before. As recent as last year these two were involved in a bloody fistfight. Now they’re making Speedo jokes and tenderly reassuring each other as Jean goes off into the unknown. It’s indeed odd.

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

This may have a lot to do with the recent attack on men’s ability/right to be friends with one another without homosexual connotation being applied. With that said – I’m not blind. The living situation on the moon is telling – but take into account that Jean’s room is in the middle.

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

Two men sharing a woman, while not traditional, or for most, ideal, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are also with one another. Jean may very well be polyamorous at this point – whether it’s organic, or by way of the same manipulation I theorize is affecting all of Krakoa – but why does that automatically extend to those two?

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

To be frank – is this really something worth applauding? Leave it to Twitter and other arguably reputable sites, you’d think the whole comic book world is throwing some sort of ‘coming out’ party for the two. Are we really ignoring how strangely the X-Men have been behaving? That this isn’t an extension of it?

So, what’s been fueling all this speculation? Other than the aforementioned living situation and a lot of headcanon, I mean. It’s a cheeky joke and Cyclops’ hand placement. To be fair, it was one of the most erogenous places in the body. Wolverine’s densely muscled, adamantium-plated shoulder… Sexy. Right? I melt.

X-Men: Let’s Talk about the Cyclops+Jean+Wolverine Situation

…that is a bit too tender, Slim.

Nothing’s been outwardly stated. I suppose that was on purpose. It’s been left open to interpretation, but certain parts of the fandom seem intent on jumping to this conclusion without taking into account everything else surrounding the situation. I, myself am probably guilty of bias. However, my bias is based upon 40 some-odd years of canon – not desperation.

What do you think of this throuple? Making sense to you? Any of this making sense to you? Let us know below.

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