Hotel Transylvania actor Fran Drescher recently called for a labor strike across all industries and businesses and condemned capitalism.

Drescher’s comments come in response to a Twitter user calling for a General Strike.

The Twitter user SimonsSays89 wrote, “Of course wealthy owners of capital want labor to return to work.”

They added, “The wealthy have access to testing and treatment. The wealthy won’t be left with massive medical debt if they get sick. Labor is being treated as the sacrificial lamb.”

They concluded by calling for the strike, “It’s time for a #GeneralStrike.”

Drescher would indicate she agreed with the call for the strike and everything SimsonsSays89 wrote. She wrote, “I agree. Capitalism has become another word for Ruling Class Elite!”

She added, “When profit is at the expence (sp?) of all things of true value, we gotta problem.”

In a subsequent tweet, Drescher wrote, “Yup. When you make kindness and compassion your compass you dont (sp?) need a label of socialist or capitalist. You simply do the right thing! That’s the golden rule baby!”

She would also add on Instagram, “The world has been spinning off in a wrong direction led my (sp?) short sighted humans. A major flaw to the species.”

Drescher continued, “STOP & smell the roses. Reconnect w the natural world. And when we resume, make real changes please.”

She then called for an end to plastic consumption and industrial farms, “Stop plastic consumption. Stop industrial farms. GO GREEN to save yourselves bc there is no future otherwise!”

Drescher isn’t the only one to call for a strike.

Former pop star Britney Spears also called for a strike in an Instagram post.

Spears posted an image to her Instagram account that reads, “During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever. Call your loved ones, write virtual love letters. Technologies like virtual communication, streaming and broadcasting are part of our community collaboration. We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web.”

She then called for a strike and redistribution of wealth, “We wil (sp?) feed each other re-distribute wealth, strike.”

Spears continued, “We will understand our own importance from the places we must stay. Communion moves beyond walls. We can still be together.”

The post appears to have originated from actress Mimi Zhu’s Instagram account.

MCU Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Calls for Economic Revolution: “Capitalism Today is Failing Us, Killing Us…”

Spears and Drescher are not the only ones to make these calls. Avengers: Endgame actor Mark Ruffalo called for an economic revolution back in December claiming capitalism is killing us.

Not all celebrities are doing this however. Ryan Reynolds mocked his fellow celebrities’ positioning during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Reynolds mockingly stated, “I think in times of crisis, I think we all know it’s the celebrities that we count on the most. They are the ones who are going to get us through this.”

He added, “Right after healthcare workers of course. First responders, people who work in essential services, ping pong players, mannequins – they’re great, childhood imaginary friends. Sure. Like 400 other types of people.”

What do you make of Drescher’s comments? Do you think there should be a general strike? Or do you think Reynolds’ advice about celebrities might be how we should take Drescher’s comments?