Fans of Seiken Densetsu 3, released recently as Trials of Mana in the West, have discovered that a slightly suggestive taunt has been removed from a character’s skill attack animation in the upcoming remake.

In both versions of the game, the magic-wielding princess Angela can learn the Pink Typhoon attack after leveling her up to the Sorceress class.

In the original Seiken Densetsu 3, Angela would shake her butt in a playful and seductive manner at her enemy before blowing them a kiss surrounded by hearts which would proceed to explode and cause a fair amount of damage.

However, according to a gameplay demo from last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Angela’s taunt has been removed, with the sorceress now simply blowing a heart-surrounded-kiss towards enemies.

This change is especially curious given that, as seen in a post from the Japanese blog Esuteru, the game is still set to feature risqué costumes for Angela (and to a smaller extent, Riesz).

Here you can see Angela’s costumes.

And here is Riesz’s”

What do you make of this change?

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