My Hero Academia Viewers Criticize Studio Bones for Animation Quality of Pussycats Return

The My Hero Academia fandom has once again taken issue with an element of the series’ production, this time criticizing animation studio Studio Bones for the animation quality of one frame seen in the latest episode.

On March 29th the 24th episode of My Hero Academia’s 4th season, “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart,” made its debut in Japan. In the episode, as hero rankings are released to the public, the Wild Wild Pussycats team makes a surprise visit to UA High to check their respective rankings. During their visit, they run into Class 1-A and perform their group introduction to assure the students of their return:

However, some members of the fandom took issue with the quality of the frame showing the group’s final pose, considering it to be an inexcusable adaptation of mangaka Kohei Horikoshi’s original artwork.

They added, “Feels good to be right long ago in calling out how pretty disappointing BONES has been this whole season and the people that said I was wrong agreeing with me.”

This viewer, who also originated the complaints against the animation frame, took their criticism a step further, tracing Horikoshi’s original panel artwork, coloring it, presenting it as their own and professing that they had “[done] them some justice compared to what Bones did.”

However, other fans of the series were quick to speak out against the comparison, noting that an anime is not a 1:1 reproduction of the source material, but an adaptation, and pointing to the differences between the crafts of still art and animation:

YouTuber Hero Hei described the complaint as “nonsense.” He also points out that the tweet at the time he made his video had been liked over 5,000 times and retweeted over 660 times. “You are telling me there are over 5,000 people that agree with this? This is absolutely crazy,” says Hero Hei.

He added, “It’s unbelievable that even on Twitter that 5,100 people thought this was a reasonable take.”

In response to the criticism for their hot take, Mangadoge wrote, “To the people that are mad that I’m complaining about how poorly drawn a simple still frame was done I’m sorry you have low standards for well known animation companies.”

What do you make of this complaint?

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