Autumn Burchett, a professional Magic: The Gathering player who previously garnered attention for attempting to play in an official tournament using cards defaced with anti-TERF messages, appears to have been officially added to the game’s official lore by Wizards of the Coast.

In 2019, Burchett attempted to enter the Mythic Championship VI tournament using a deck featuring cards defaced with handwritten anti-TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) messages. Burchett defaced the cards due to the conservative political views of their artist, Terese Nielsen:

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However, Magic the Gathering barred Burchett from entering unless they removed the defaced cards from their deck, sparking a controversy regarding freedom of expression which eventually resulted in a compromise that allowed Burchett to play with a different set of cards featuring anti-TERF messages.

On April 2nd, artist Jesper Ejsing revealed a new design for Magic the Gathering’s Ikoria set.

He didn’t indicate the art was inspired by Burchett, only writing, “This one is a concept for a Hunter girl from the new Ikoria Magic the Gathering set.”

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Ejsing added, “The exploration was to create humans that hunt for huge monsters. That means very big weapons. I came up with the idea of giant hooks that they could use to hold on to the prey while trying to land a deadly blow.”

Burchett also shared the piece art from the Planeswalker’s Guide to Ikoria, and replied to others indicating the character is based off of her.

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As of writing, the full extent of the role the Burchett-inspired hunter will have in the lore of Ikoria, or if they will appear on any cards within the set, remains unknown.