During their recent MonsterVerse watchalong Legendary revealed a new look at a new Titan and King Kong foe called Camazotz.

The image was showcased during the watchalong for Godzilla (2014), but wasn’t the first time we’ve seen the bat-like Camazotz.

An image of Camazotz was first revealed at L.A. Comic Con’s MonsterVerse panel, where they officially revealed the Titan.

Facebook user Daniel Guzman uploaded video from the panel showing off Camazotz.


In the video, Camazotz is described as being based off a “number of ancient myths.”

One of the panelists adds, “This ancient idea that goes back to Mayan and [unintelligble] prophecy, which is the idea that there is a subterranean city-size death bat in the netherworld that will one day rise up and blind the god king. That will cover the moon and the stars and bring a moment of darkness to our world.”

They conclude, “We were looking for a worthy opponent to give Kong a few problems in our next graphic novel and this is the character that Kong will face.”

You can see the original design for Camazotz below.

On Twitter, Legendary revealed a new look at Camazotz and noted he will be appearing in an upcoming MonsterVerse graphic novel.

Here’s a better look.

What do you make of Camazotz? Will he be a worthy foe for King Kong? Will the myth live up to reality?

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