Prolific comic book writer and the creator of Batman villain Bane Chuck Dixon has launched a Patreon to produce creator-owned under Arkhaven Comics.

Dixon tells Bounding Into Comics the Patreon is a “commitment to produce a lot of creator owned material for Arkhaven.”

He adds, “In effect, Vox is unleashing me on a line of comics for print, digital, and on Webtoons.”

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And Dixon tells Bounding Into Comics he’s busy at work with a number of projects. As for Webtoons, he notes they already have free content available through their app and website.

You can currently read five episodes of Chuck Dixon’s Avalon with new episodes being released every Monday.

Avalon #1

Here’s the official description for the series:

“A hero doesn’t expect thanks or payment, he helps people because it is the right thing to do. And a hero doesn’t kill anyone, ever. All Fazer and King Ace are trying to do is make everyday life better for everyone who lives in the city of Avalon. For their city. But even heroes face temptation.”

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Along with Chuck Dixon’s Avalon, Right Ho, Jeeves, and Vox Day’s Alt-Hero are also available on Webtoons.

Dixon also tells us he’s working on “no less than a half-dozen projects in various stages of preparation and completion.”

Go, Monster, Go!

One of those projects is a new series being created for Webtoons called Go, Monster, Go! with Tim Lattie.

Dixon tells us, “Go, Monster, Go! is a retro 60’s story mixing monsters, aliens and other wild happenings with early 60’s California car culture. If Roger Corman made an Archie movie it might have been like this.”


He’s also working on a remaster of Lawdog, his 1990s series he created with artist Flint Henry.

The series follows Lawdog and Lina as they battle creatures, thugs, fascists and monsters across the vast reaches of the multiverse! The action is hot and the concepts thought provoking as the eternal highwayman drives across the gulf between realities to keep the universe in balance!

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The remastered version will feature new colors by Gary Kwapisz.

If the remastered version is popular, Dixon tells us he’d “love to come back to it.”

More Projects In The Works

As Dixon tells us the “Patreon program is to support these efforts in exchange for lots of comics content, insider offers and a chance to be a part of the comic creation process.”

He adds, “With the tectonic changes caused by the pandemic, we’ve worked up a new model to bring comics to fans and readers all over the world.”

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Along with Avalon, Go, Monster, Go!, and Lawdog, Dixon also details they have a number of other projects in the works from horror to epic fantasy to kid’s stuff to humor.

He specifically noted that he’s working on a new superhero project that is specifically aimed for kids.

Patreon Levels

The Patreon currently has four levels. The first level is $1 a month and helps support Arkhaven Comics and their Webtoons initiative.

The second level is $3 a month and provides backers with access to a digital issue of an Arkhaven Comics of the Month chosen by Chuck Dixon.

The third level is $5 a month. It grants backers digital issues of Alt-Hero and Chuck Dixon’s Avalon as they are released. It also grants access to the previous levels.

The fourth level is $20 per month. Backers will receive the monthly gold-logo single issue comic. There is a limit of 750. Backers at this level also receive the perks of the previous levels.

The Patreon currently has 211 patrons at $1,556 per month.