Graphic artist Datrinti recently shared a number of jaw-dropping Dragon Ball designs showcasing Goku and King Piccolo as well as his contributions to The Legendary Warrior project.

Most recently, he shared his Goku artwork. On Instagram, Datrinti wrote, “Happy kakarotto day! Didn’t know it was a thing.”

He then shared his designs of Goku in various forms.

As you can see below, the first piece or artwork shows Goku in Super Saiyan form.

It looks like it’s specifically modeled after Goku’s first transformation into a Super Saiyan while he battled Frieza on the Planet Namek.

The second piece or artwork shows Goku in Ultra Instinct form facing off against Jiren.

Next up is Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form.

Finally, he shows off Goku performing a Kamehameha.

These pieces of artwork showcasing Goku aren’t the only Dragon Ball related material Datrinti recently shared.

Datrinti also recently shared designs from The Legendary Warrior project. As described on their YouTube channel, The Legendary Warrior project “is a Dragon Ball live action project which is being developed by a latinamerican team of professionals as well as some artists around the world who want to see this project come true.”

A trailer for the project was released back in February 2017.

The channel has not been updated in 5 months but Datrinti notes they appear to still be working on it.

While sharing his artwork and contributions to The Legendary Warrior, Datrinti wrote, “Some of my contributions to The Legenday Warrior project. If it were possible or rather if I didn’t have a life I’d draw every single frame and make it a movie myself haha.”

The first image sees Master Roshi discovering a Saiyan space pod.

Next is an image of Goku beginning his transformation into a Great Ape.

We then see Piccolo facing off against a Great Ape.

We then see Piccolo summoning Shenron.

Next Goku performs a Kamehameha.

Finally, we get a good look at King Piccolo.

And speaking of King Piccolo, Datrinti also recently shared a number of designs for King Piccolo as well.

Datrinti explained, “King piccolo design exploration. Its fun imagining how these characters would look like in live action, i personally would love to see them someday on the big screen, under a competent director that is!”

He also encouraged fans to follow The Legendary Warrior project. He writes, “If you want to support us follow @thelegendarywarriorok we got a lot of ideas for a future live action✌️”

What do you make of Datrinti’s Dragon Ball designs featuring Goku, Piccolo, Master Roshi, and Shenron?