Comic book scribe and novelist Mike Baron has launched a KickStarter for an upcoming Nexus novel.

Baron is the creator of Nexus and Badger and has had lengthy runs on The Flash, Punisher, and Star Wars.

Baron along with artist Steve Rude launched Nexus back in 1981 as a three-issue black and white comic book series that was spun into an ongoing series first published by Capital Comics.

The series followed Horatio Valdemar Hellpop who receives his Nexus powers from an alien entity called Merk. In exchange for his powers, Horatio is required to kill individuals he sees in his visions who have committed heinous acts such as torturing a man attempting to create a union and then having his wife raped.

Others included factory owners who had enslaved those they deemed less pure than themselves.

The story of Nexus will continue in this new novel.

Baron spoke to Bounding Into Comics about the inspiration for the novel.

He explained, “Steve Rude once asked me what Nexus story I would most like to do. Nexus vs. Galactus. We don’t own Galactus, so he was reborn as Gourmando.”

He added, “We did this story as a comic, which will be released by Dark Horse next year as the “Sunday Newspaper Strips.” But the finished product did not represent my vision. I decided to write it as a novel.”

Baron went on to describe the novel and how he hopes it will grab readers by the throat, “As always, my goal is to grab the reader by the throat. The essential question in all fiction is, “what happens next?” In order for the reader to keep turning pages, you must create a gripping story. Story consists of many things. Plot. Character. A seductive narrative voice. The words should have a musical quality.”

He added, “The Nexus Novel fulfills and exceeds all your expectations. Sundra, Harry, Tyrone, Kreed Junior, Vooper, Raul, and many other recurring characters are all here.”

On KickStarter, Baron describes that the plot sees Gourmando threatening Nexus’ home planet of Ylum.

He explains, “Nexus, the Cosmic Avenger, faces Gourmando, a vast, alien entity that consumes civilizations. Its herald Gnosis swoops the cosmos on a silver board seeding worlds to make them edible.”

Nexus Postcard

Baron continues, ” While Gourmando threatens Nexus’ home planet Ylum, Nexus is on Earth executing mass murderers. This is his job. Torn between his duties and the survival of his planet, Nexus must reach deep within himself to save Ylum.”

Pledge Levels

Nexus, A Novel has a number of different pledge levels.

$4 – Digital download – one digital download of the new Nexus Novel.

$25 – Digital Download Plus Signed Print Copy

$40 – Digital Download, Signed Print Copy, Plus classic Nexus comic

$50 – Digital Download, Signed Print Copy, Classic Nexus Comic, and a Nexus Post Card

$80 – Digital Download, Signed Print Copy, Classic Nexus Comic, a Nexus Post Card, and a signed 11×17 Nexus poster by Steve Rude

Nexus Poster

$250 – Digital Download, Signed Print Copy, Classic Nexus Comic, and original Nexus art by Paul Smith

$400 – Digital Download, Signed Print Copy, Classic Nexus Comic, and original Nexus art by Steve Rude

You can view the original art and the classic Nexus comics on Mike Baron’s KickStarter for Nexus, a novel.

The KickStarter has currently raised $9,140 from 163 backers. The original goal was $6,000.