A new Star Wars rumor addresses how George Lucas reacted upon first seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock. He explains that his video details what George Lucas thought about the Disney sequel trilogy and whether or not a George Lucas cut of The Rise Skywalker exists.

He does preface the video saying, “My sources sent me a number of rumors reportedly from associates of George Lucas revealing his comments and feelings after seeing each of the Disney sequel trilogy films.”

He adds, “Please bear in mind that I am not representing these leaks as factual. I cannot attest to the accuracy of this information since I cannot independently verify what I have been told. I’m only passing on what I’ve been told. So please regard all of what I am about to share with you as rumor and take it with a grain of salt.”

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Doomcock then goes on to recount how Lucas described Disney as white slavers in an interview with Charlie Rose in December 2015, how Bob Iger detailed that Lucas felt betrayed after they put his trilogy outlines on ice and decided to pursue their own vision, and how Iger detailed that Lucas initially reacted to The Force Awakens by saying, ‘There’s nothing new.'”

The Last Jedi Reaction

Upon seeing The Last Jedi, Lucas’ representative Connie Wethington told The Hollywood Reporter that Lucas described the film as “beautifully made.”

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Wethington added, “And in speaking with director Rian Johnson after viewing was complimentary.”

However, that might not be all of the story, according to Doomcock and his source, Lucas attended a screening of the film and said, “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

Doomcock then states, “Lucas was appalled. Even more appalled than he was with The Force Awakens.”

George Lucas’ The Rise of Skywalker Cut

Doomcock then explains that Lucas was brought in for a screening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker before the movie was released to the public. He goes on to explain that he was not happy with what he saw, but did see a way in which the film could be improved.

Doomcock states, “He pitched his ideas along those lines and was allowed to take a pass at re-editing the film to fix it.”

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He then goes on to reference his previous source from back in December who detailed that Lucas came up with the idea of a secret Skywalker.

While Doomcock’s new source does not confirm the plot aspect of this secret Skywalker, he does indicate he confirms that there is a George Lucas edit of The Rise of Skywalker.

Doomcock explains, “Well, this new source has not confirmed the secret Skywalker angle, but does maintain that a George Lucas cut of the film does exist, and that rumors of last minute changes that leaked last December were referencing Lucas’ efforts to save The Rise of Skywalker.”

The Rise of Skywalker Reaction

Lucas’ rumored cut of the film was not used, but Lucas did screen a final cut of Abrams’ film, and Doomcock explains that he was not happy with it.

“Lucas finally got to see a screening of the final cut of The Rise of Skywalker at Skywalker Ranch. To say Lucas was unhappy would be understatement. Once again Lucas had been alienated by Disney and his wishes ignored.”

Doomcock adds, “According to my source’s sources Lucas was shocked at how much of his work was missing.”

Doomcock concludes the video by campaigning for Disney and Lucasfilm to release this alleged George Lucas cut of the film.

What do you make of these new rumors? Do you think there is a George Lucas cut of The Rise of Skywalker? Would you want to watch it if there was one?

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