Simon Pegg opened up during a Collider interview about where he believes Star Trek should go for the next motion picture. The long interview hit a number of different topics including The Watchmen, Mission Impossible, and of course Star Trek. The actor also noted his uncertainty about the Kelvin Timeline crew’s involvement in the next film.

At the 20:30 mark of the interview, Pegg is asked about the status of the next Star Trek film. The British actor didn’t hold too much back about what he felt was the direction it should go.

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Pegg responded to the question saying, “Star Trek, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know. It may or may not happen. It’s not like I get updates. It’s just I haven’t heard anything for a long time. The last time I spoke about it, there were no immediate plans.”

Pegg would then reiterate comments he made earlier this year about how the loss of Anton Yelchin would affect the cast and crew if they do make a new Star Trek film.

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Pegg explained, “One thing I did mention when I spoke about it recently was, for us, losing Anton Yelchin the way we did was a real blow. And I think it slightly took the wind out of our sails in terms of enthusiasm to do another one. Just because we’re now missing one of our family… He would be conspicuous by his absence.”

 Anton Yelchin as chekov.

The crew is still talking, according to Pegg, having grown close since first putting on their Starfleet uniforms in 2009. He does note that if Paramount were to offer them another film, they’d jump at it, but at the same time they weren’t knocking on the studios’s door.

Pegg stated, “We’re all still in contact. We were emailing with each other the other day just seeing, checking in, how are we, and stuff. But it’s not like any of us have been banging at the door at Paramount saying. ‘Hey when are we going to do this?’ If they say we’ll do another movie I’m sure we’ll all jump at the chance. I miss those guys. I love making those films, but I just don’t know.”

Pegg then references the Noah Hawley project, “Noah Hawley’s project has been mentioned. And maybe that will happen. I don’t know anything about that. I’m as in the dark as everyone else. I’m in the same boat as you guys, who knows.”

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Pegg is then asked if there have been discussions to make a Trek film aimed at the hardcore Trek fans and reducing the reliance on big action set pieces allowing the film to explore more of the franchise’s sci-fi elements.

He answered, “Yeah I think that would be a good idea. Of course Star Trek has its appeal. And that appeal converted into numbers which an accountant can figure out.”

Pegg continued by comparing Star Trek to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The fact is, the appeal of Star Trek is slightly more niche than the appeal of, say, the Marvel movies, which make huge amounts of money, and have this really, really broad appeal and they do very well.”

He added, “I think Star Trek is just a little bit more niche, so it isn’t gonna hit those kind of numbers. So yes, the obvious thing to do would be to not go for that massive spectacle, go for something a little bit more restrained in the vein of the original series.”

“Yes, that would be a brilliant thing to do, and I’m sure it probably has been discussed. But who knows. I don’t know. It is one of those frustrating questions ’cause I wish I had more to say about it.  I totally agree with you I think that would be something you specialize a little bit more,” Pegg stated.

He then detailed that TV might be the best place for Star Trek at this time, “Maybe TV is a better place for [Star Trek] now. Television has evolved so much. It’s become something which is very much a contemporary, a peer of cinema. It’s simply viewed in a different way, the scope of it. It isn’t a reduced scope anymore. You can still do masses of interesting things, and it can still look modern and not inexpensive.”

“And maybe television is a better format for Star Trek. That’s where it started,” Pegg concluded.

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What do you think of Pegg’s idea of Star Trek’s niche styling? Is he correct? Currently the Hawley project has been confirmed, though there have been no updates for some months about the project and if the crew from the Kevlin timeline will be involved.


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