Masters of the Universe artist Freddie Williams II, who worked on the He-Man/Thundercats crossover as well as Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe, recently shared a fan commission transforming All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho into She-Ra’s Bow.

Williams II transformed Jericho into the Bow from the original She-Ra: Princess of Power series. Bow is the most accomplished archer in all of Etheria, but he’s also a talented illusionist and musician.

Given his talents, his weapon of choice is called a Combow that has the ability to transform between an archer’s bow and a musician’s harp.

He hails from the Whispering Woods and eventually joins the Great Rebellion to fight against the Evil Horde. He is usually seen with his steed Arrow as well as the Koala-like Kowl.

Freddie Williams II shared his artwork to Twitter saying, “Chris Jericho as Bow (from She-Ra) Ink Wash commission.”

Take a look.

And here’s a better look.

Williams has been sharing quite a bit of his artwork recently.

He also shared a number of old commissions including Firestorm, Longshot, Raphael, Leonardo, Casey Jones, The Punisher, and Lady Death.

Take a look.

He Star Trek artwork was also recently shared by Red Letter Media.

They wrote on Twitter, “Just arrived! The original hand-drawn Plinkett Picard Artwork by Freddie Williams. These will be displayed on the RLM studio walls to honor a slightly less embarrassing show that never happened.”

What do you make of Freddie Williams II’s vision of Chris Jericho becoming Bow from She-Ra: The Princess of Power? What about his other artwork? Do you have any favorites?