Deadly Class creator Rick Remender declared that he prefers Donald Trump supporters to unfollow him on Twitter and stop supporting his works.

Remender took to Twitter to declare, “If you still support this president it’s okay if you unfollow me and stop supporting my work.”

He then added, “I’d prefer it.”

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Remender has a lengthy bibliography featuring a number of creator owned comics published through Image Comics. Some of those include Black Science, Deadly Class, Low, Tokyo Ghost, Seven to Eternity, and Death or Glory.

In March, Death or Glory #10 shipped 6,097 copies. In February, Death or Glory #9 shipped 6,466 copies and Deadly Class #43 shipped 6,694 copies.

Death or Glory

Deadly Class Vol. 1 Reagan Youth was in the top 300 most shipped graphic novels with 312 copies in February. That first volume was released in July 2014.

Remender’s Deadly Class was adapted into a live-action series by SyFy in 2018. However, it was cancelled following the first season. The show premiered with only 355,000 viewers. The first season would average 396,000 viewers with a .14 rating in the 18-49 demographic according to TV Series Finale.

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He also did quite a bit of work for Marvel Comics in the early 2010s including a lengthy run on Uncanny X-Force as well as Punisher. He also had significant runs on Venom, Secret Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers.

One person described Remender’s tweet as “how to kill your career in 60 seconds ever heard the saying don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”


Remnder would writing, “I’m so f***ing done with having people threaten my career if I express an opinion.”

He added, “Take your money and shove it up your ass.”

YouTuber That Umbrella Guy asked if Remender would take any action surrounding his comments and if he would offer a product buy back.

That Umbrella Guy wrote on Twitter, “You gonna follow through with that and do a product buy back? You know, to liberate your books from the hands of ppl you truly loathe?”

He added, “I mean, if this is TRULY about conviction and not just Twitter derping?”

Fellow comic book creator Jon Del Arroz called on supporters of Donald Trump to support him and his latest comic book The Cosmic Warrior #1.

Del Arroz wrote, “If you support President Trump you can follow and support me— a patriot and conservative writer who would love your readership.”

Basileus Webcomic also called on people to support their work. They wrote, “I accept any and all support regardless of your political affiliation. Also my book is free and better than Rick’s.”

Remender has made his disdain for President Donald Trump clear in the past.

Back in August 2019, Remender described Trump as a “ripe pile of shit.”

He wrote on Twitter, “Has anyone on here ever mentioned that Trump is a ripe pile of shit? If not I’ll step forward—trail-blaze a bit— and offer the notion.”

He would follow that up by describing President Trump as “terrible.”

He wrote, “It was time to use my platform to let people know we have a terrible president. Now you’re through the looking glass with me.”

What do you make of Remender’s comments? Do you plan on still supporting him?