A new rumor details that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series has paused production until October.

The rumor comes from YouTube channel The One Ring.

They detail, “Amazon is putting Lord of the Rings on hold for now… The latest we’ve heard Amazon has paused production until October.”

They continue, “The original intent, the original plan, they were in the middle of shooting the pilot, a test pilot, something that may never make it to our eyeballs or to television, which is the right way of producing a film. You do a test pilot, you make sure the test is working, make some adjustments, and then you go finish the real pilot.”

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“They were in the middle of that test pilot. I believe they hadn’t even shot half of it. So less than half of the test pilot was shot when quarantine happened. And now that we are at the end of May and quarantine has just been lifted, Amazon has decided, ‘We are just going to pause production. We are not going to resume it immediately.'”

This information isn’t new. Deadline reported back in the beginning of May that the series would be going on a four to five month hiatus after filming the first two episodes. However, with coronavirus shutting down production, Amazon decided to segue the quarantine shut down into the hiatus.

What is different is that Deadline reports that the “bulk of the shooting” for the first two episodes was completed.

Not only does the One Ring Net report that Amazon doesn’t plan to resume production until October, but they indicate that the first season is actually be rewritten.

They explain, “The writers are writing. Season 2. The expectation is that they are also rewriting Season 1.”

They continue, “The anticipation is that they are rewriting and reworking everything from Season 1 at the same time as Season 2. And this tells everyone, another remind about how the young Aragorn concept was in place and then it changed.”

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Later they elaborate, “It is very much a case of test drive these early pilot episodes and you know what we should also anticipate a lot of other things might change if they don’t like this Second Age concept, it might change yet again and become something else as it evolves.”

As for why the Second Age narrative might change, The One Ring explains, “When I say that the whole stage of the Second Age might alter a little bit, consider you’ve got thousands and thousands of years of storytelling. They might move the Second Age main narrative from early part of the Second Age to much later part. We don’t know yet. We really don’t know yet.”

Along with this rumor about Season 1 being rewritten, Redanian Intelligence reports the Lord of the Rings show is adding to their cast. They report that Anson Boon has joined the cast in an unspecified role.

They also went on to detail a number of characters that might appear in the show. However, they do note that these characters could be codenames.

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First, they detail that actor Simon Merrells will play a character called Trevyn. They did not provide any details on who exactly Trevyn is or what his role will be.

Next, they detail that Megan Richards will play a character named May. No details were provided for May.

Redanian Intelligence does state, “there is a chance that Trevyn and May are just temporary names… or they could be original characters created for the show.”

What do you make of these new rumors?