A Twitter mob has demanded that Star Wars’ Maul actor Sam Witwer tell his cop friend to quit his job.

As first reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, Sam Witwer, who voices Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and played Ben Lockwood in Supergirl, recently detailed he has a friend who isΒ  police officer.

Witwer replied to a thread that detailed there were a bunch of good police officers and that many officers are decent people. He wrote, “One of my best friends is a cop and we talk about this stuff every day.”

In response to this statement, a Twitter mob quickly formed and demanded Witwer tell his friend to quit his job.

Witwer made it clear that he would not be acquiescing to the demand. He wrote, “Can’t. The man’s an amazing, moral dude who believes in remaining calm and professional.”

The mob then attempted to shame Witwer for his relationship.

Witwer would respond to a number of the people trying to shame him.

To one person he wrote, “That’s exactly my point. He has. He does.”

In another instance he wrote, “Are you guys kidding me? I’m railing against corrupt police forces all day. I have a friend who joined the police force because he believes in the concepts we should be teaching all police…”

He added, “And you’re saying toss him? When we need his example most?”

In another instance he wrote, “You realize there are black cops, right? You realize we need cops, right? Needing *extreme reform* doesn’t mean we get rid of the *concept* of police.”

The mob’s intensity didn’t wane as they continued trying to shame him for supporting his cop friend.

Witwer would eventually cave. One member of the mob convinced him to apologize for not condemning the current police system, and for defending that system by standing behind his friend.

Witwer then apologized, “I’m sorry if I made it sound in *any way* that I defend the system. I categorically do not.”

In a poll conducted by Pew Research Center they discovered that “78% of Americans overall – but a far smaller share of black Americans (56%) – said they had at least a fair amount of confidence in police officers to act in the best interests of the public.”

They also found that “large majorities of white (84%) and Hispanic (74%) adults expressed at least a fair amount of confidence. These views – and the wide racial and ethnic gap in opinions – had changed little over the prior few years.”

A Rasmussen Reports survey found that “67% of American Adults rate the performance of the police in the area where they live as good or excellent. Just nine percent (9%) give them poor marks.”

They do add that “Positive ratings for local police areΒ down from a high of 74% a year ago but are consistent with prior surveying for the past several years.”

What do you make of Witwer’s comments and then his apology?

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