Graham Nolan, the creator of DC Comics villain Bane, has launched a new IndieGoGo campaign for The Chenoo.

On IndieGoGo, Nolan describes The Chenoo will follow the story of Paul Jackson, the son of former Buffalo chief of police Jimmy Jackson.

Jimmy Jackson was the chief of police in 1977, the year a massive winter storm struck the city. It paralyzed the entire region and 23 people died. Their deaths were attributed to the storm, but Jimmy told his son Paul, there was something else hiding within the storm. Something evil, malignant, and hungry.

That something is the Chenoo, “a giant frozen creature of Native American lore that comes off the ice to eat the hearts of his victims in search of the warmth it will never have.”

And as Paul follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a police officer, the tales his father told him from the winter of ’77 are being brought back to life. The Chenoo has returned.

Nolan details that The Chenoo will be 48 pages in length. It’s black and white with gray tones and blood red. However, there is a stretch goal that includes a bonus story titled “The Chenoo in the Blizzard of ’77.”

Nolan also hints there might be more pages added depending on the stretch goals reached.

Other stretch goals include your name printed in each book, a collectible trading card, and a Chenoo bookmark.

You can see the trading card below.

And here’s the bookmark.

The 48-page graphic novel and unlocked stretch goals are available to back for $25. It comes signed by Graham Nolan.

Other backer options include a variant cover by Greg Wright and a “Meat: It’s What’s For Dinner” poster.

There is also an option that includes five random comics signed by Graham Nolan. He teases that they could include Detective Comics, Hawkworld, Power of the Atom, Spider-Girl, Bane: Conquest, X-Men: Forever, Marvel Adventures, Blackhawks, and Joe Frankenstein.

Still other options include a Happy Hour Skye Call with Graham Nolan and a 9×6 Bristol head sketch of any character of your choice by Nolan.

Nolan is also selling some of his original art including a pinup of The Atom’s girlfriend Enrica Negrini from 1989’s Amazing Heroes: Swimsuit issue.

Other original art includes a page from Detective Comics #713 featuring Batman and the villain Gearhead.

Finally, he’s also offering a page from Hawkworld Annual #2 featuring Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

The Chenoo’s IndieGoGo campaign has currently raised $26,375 from 400 backers. There are 7 days left to back The Chenoo. The next stretch goal unlocks at $40,000.