Domestic Girlfriend Mangaka To Minimize Twitter Use Due to “Angry Criticisms” From Western Fans Over Series’ Ending

Domestic Girlfriend mangaka Kei Sasuga has announced that she will be limiting her future Twitter use due to the massive amounts of “angry criticisms” leveled against her by Western fans unhappy with the resolution of the series’ signature love triangle seen in the manga’s recent ending.

Sasuga’s manga revolves around a love triangle between Natsuo Fuiji and his teacher, Hina Tachibana, and (initially unbeknownst to him) her little sister, Rui Tachibana.

Natsuo’s romantic dilemma is further complicated when his widowed father tells him that he wishes to remarry. Introducing him to his new fiancée, Natsuo discovers that the woman is the mother of Hina and Rui, leading to a complicated story exploring taboo romantic feelings and definitions of maturity.

Prior to its official June 10th release in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, the final chapter of Domestic Girlfriend was leaked online and uploaded to various manga pirating websites. Eager fans soon discovered that, after six-years, Natsuo ultimately married his first love, Hina Tachibana:

Domestic Girlfriend Mangaka To Minimize Twitter Use Due to “Angry Criticisms” From Western Fans Over Series’ Ending

After the chapter was leaked, western fans vocally criticized Sesuga and expressed outright anger towards her over the ending, citing their disappointment that Natuso did not end the series with Rui:

In the face of this backlash, Sasuga noted that Twitter was “getting a little hard because there are too many angry criticisms” from Western fans, expressing her particular frustration at the constant wave of harassment from “people [who] do not buy it.”

As translated by Google, she added, “Thank you for many support replies. I really feel good. Regarding the criticism, the impression is that “there are many people who do not convey the thoughts and stances of the characters”, so I think that it seems like a little explanation scene with a book (I think that people like that do not buy it).

She continued, “It’s good, and I’m not hurt, but I feel like “This is a bit terrible…” Even if I block an account, I come to a new account soon and it seems like “It’s useless to block”, or something tweet Every time I do, I feel like I was waiting, but when I was thrown in a foolish lip…”

Sasuga would then inform fans that the backlash had led her to decide to be more “conservative” in her Twitter use, though noted that she would continue updating her pixiv account.

She explained, “As I got advice from various people, I would like to be a little more conservative, except for every announcement. I’ll update pixv though. Thank you for all the support from all countries, thank you!”

However, Sasuga’s feeling elicited no sympathy from her critics, who instead only continued to accuse her of lacking talent and calling for her to quit creating manga altogether:

One person wrote, “Teacher, this is proof that the majority (80%) did not like the ending you gave your domestic girlfriend. They also paid for the comics. You need to rewrite the ending.”

On June 11th, an exhausted Sasuga offered an apology to the dissatisfied readers, stating “I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything anymore [about the ending].”

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