A new rumor details how Lucasfilm has plans “to save Star Wars.”

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock who explains, “I’m receiving a massive amount of information, and unfortunately some of it is contradictory. It is my belief that the contradictions in what I’m hearing are either the result of deliberate disinformation, trying in essence to cast a fog of war over what’s happening inside Lucasfilm. Or it’s information designed to counter misinformation from some opposing faction trying to get messaging out to the public.”

He adds, “At this point, all I can do is use my best judgement to sift through all the information I receive and present the information I believe to have the most chance to be genuine to you on an as is basis. With that said I can not independently verify this information. So please take all of this as unsubstantiated and take it with a grain of salt.”

Doomcock then details that this specific rumor from his source who he says is working with a number of people that he calls The Team.

Doomcock explains, “One of the new insiders commented that Lucasfilm can hit the reset button and fix everything. At this point my source asked, ‘What reset button?’ And the insider responded again, ‘The Veil.’ Which finally led my source to ask, ‘What is The Veil?’ The insider replied, ‘The Veil of The Force? Haven’t you guys seen Star Wars Rebels?'”

The source then explained what The Veil of The Force is.

Doomcock breaks it down, “In Episode 13 of Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels, in an episode titled A World Between Worlds, they introduced the idea of The Veil of The Force. The Veil of The Force is a mystical dimension of The Force that connects all of time and space.”

He added, “Inside The Veil, you see flashbacks of past events and events that have yet to occur. This Veil could apparently be used to fix Star Wars. Although this particular insider declined to go into details regarding how exactly this could be used to save Star Wars.”

On the official Star Wars website, they explained A World Between Worlds is opened through a painting of the Mortis gods found on the exterior of the Jedi Temple of Lothal. This can be seen in Star Wars Rebels below.

The official Star Wars website goes on to describe what Ezra Bridger finds in the portal. The website explains, “Inside, he found doorways between time and space, and saved his friend Ahsoka Tano from death at the hands of Darth Vader.”

It adds, “The Emperor, through dark arts, found Bridger and Tano in the Temple, and almost succeeded in using them to gain entrance. The Jedi escaped, however, and the Temple collapsed.”

Another insider then detailed to Doomcock that The Veil could be used to make the entire Disney Sequel Trilogy an alternate timeline.

Doomcock explains, “During another encounter with another insider, this insider revealed the secret plan to save Star Wars. He or she alleged that The Veil of The Force was going to be used to make the entire Sequel Trilogy an alternate timeline and reclassify the sequels as Star Wars Legends.”

Doomcock then details that his source confirmed this plan, “Alerted to this as a possibility, my source began to dig dipper. Eventually, this confirmation was provided by someone deep inside the organization, who alleged that indeed that indeed there is a plan to fix Star Wars using The Veil of The Force.”

He adds, “I am informed this insider revealed that yes, this plan is already in motion. The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy will end up being their own timeline and will be eliminated from canon in that way.”

However, while Doomcock indicates that this plan does exist, he also notes that there is a certain faction within the company that are opposed to it.

He explains, “But naturally, there is at least one faction inside Lucasfilm that reportedly hates this idea and is fighting it every step of the way. An insider has revealed to my source that Kathleen Kennedy knows about this plan and is doing everything she can to stop it.”

“In essence this plan is a complete repudiation of everything Kennedy has done at Lucasfilm. It undermines, if not utterly destroys Kennedy’s feminist forward agenda,” he states.

He adds, “Kennedy hates this idea with a passion. This is a slap in the face that she will not tolerate if she has anything to say about. But according to rumors I’m hearing that her tenure at Lucasfilm may be growing short.”

What do you make of this rumor? Do you believe it? Do you think Lucasfilm and Disney will reclassify the Disney Sequel Trilogy into Legends?