A new rumor part of Mikey Sutton’s July 4th Scoop Jam details that Spider-Man will die and Miles Morales will take up the reigns in a Spider-Verse film.

The rumor was first shared to The Cosmic Wonder YouTube Channel and details that the Spider-Man that will die won’t be Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, but instead Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man from the original Sam Raimi films.

The rumor details that during a Spider-Verse live-action crossover film featuring Maguire, Garfield, and Holland’s Spider-Man character.  Tobey Maguire’s version of the character will end up dying. This will spur a young Miles Morales to take on the Spider-Man mantle, as the ultimate version of Spider-Man.

The rumor details that the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies will be the universe where Miles Morales exists.

Warren from The Cosmic Wonder begins his scoop stating, “What we are talking about today is Miles Morales in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and possibly being called Ultimate Spider-Man.”

Warren then details the report from Sutton.

He states, “Spider-Man is dead. In a blockbuster scoop from months ago, Mikey Sutton revealed that current plans were to bring back Tobey Maguire for one last swing as the amazing arachnid for a live-action interpretation of Into the Spider-Verse, which would find him teaming up with Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield.”

Warren continues, “However, it wouldn’t have a happy ending as they would like to have Maguire — and quite possibly under the supervision of original Spider-Man director Sam Raimi — die at the climax in heroic Endgame fashion. This would inspire Miles Morales to become Spider-Man in that universe.”

“But according to Mikey’s inside sources, there are talks to have a separate franchise of Morales-led live-action Spider-Man movies, possibly called Ultimate Spider-Man to separate them from Tom Holland’s hugely popular franchise,” he adds.

He then details what the Miles Morales film could look like, “The initial discussions are being held right now for the first Morales picture to take place years after the conclusion of Spider-Verse or whatever it will be called. This will be about Miles Morales in his infancy stage of being a superhero, learning the ropes as a costumed crime fighter, but also as a boy becoming a man, and following in love.”

Warren then reveals that it won’t just be Miles getting the limelight. He will be joined by Spider-Gwen as well, “You see, Miles is about to land a girlfriend, and she isn’t an ordinary teenager either. Miles will be paired with Spider-Gwen in a contemporary twist on the original Silver Age story arc.”

As for Gwen’s story she will apparently already exist and there won’t be an origin story, “As with Miles’ story, Spider-Gwen already exists; there is no long origin story.”

Warren continued, “Right now the reports say that Sony will be releasing this movie, but apparently Kevin Feige is seriously interested in producing this himself. Another extension of Disney’s relationship with Sony.”

He then reiterates that Morales won’t be replacing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, “Miles Morales won’t replace Tom Holland, but instead, this series will exist with his.”

He then details that the two will interact with each other through Marvel’s multiverse, “The question remains, though: If Kevin Feige is involved, will Miles Morales exist in the MCU? And here is where the multiverse will kick in. Miles will make references to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and either through magical or scientific means collaborate with him again or even meet some of the Avengers. It’s all talk talk talk at the moment, but a tangled web is beginning to reveal itself.”

The Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen scoop would continue on The Lords of the Longbox’s YouTube channel.

Host Tim Vo would detail the original scoop from Sutton shared to The Cosmic Wonder, but also reveal the primary villain of the Miles Morales led film.

Vo explains, “Yes, the villain is going to be the Ultimate Green Goblin. The Green Goblin, like with Magneto in Fox’s X-Men movies, needs a coat of fresh new paint so discussions have been to go Ultimate — or go home.”

He continues, “Now, how will this fit into Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy remains to be seen. After all, Morales is from that world. When Sutton asked his sources about this, they said this Ultimate GG could be from the MCU and find himself in Morales’ planet where Norman Osborn is dead.”

Vo concludes, “There is certainly plenty of time to tinker with these plot details later on. As usual, things can change, but one thing that certainly: Spider-Gwen will not fall off a bridge and die.”

As Warren noted in his video above Sutton had already scooped that Tobey Maguire might return in a live-action Spider-Verse film.

More recently Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producer Chris Miller detailed that they had actually pitched a post-credits scene featuring Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield’s version, and Tom Holland’s version interacting with Spider-Ham.

Miller stated on Twitter that Sony brass told him it was “too soon.”

The cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home were even asked about the possibility of a film featuring Maguire and Garfield.

Holland responded, “Of course I would like to make a movie with those guys. It would be so cool.”

He added, “It would be amazing. It would be really, really cool. It would be something that the fans really want.”

What do you think about the idea of a Spider-Verse crossover film leading to a Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen spinoff film? Sound off in the comments below or let’s talk about it on social media!

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