A new rumor details that Marvel Studios still has plans for Avengers: Infinity War villain Thanos.

The rumor comes from Jeremy Conrad at MCU Cosmic.

Conrad details, “I learned tonight from one of my most reliable sources that Marvel Studios is beginning to talk about some way to have Thanos featured in a movie again in the future. It’s not definitely happening, it’s just something “in the cards”, but the big purple guy still looms large in their minds.”

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Conrad doesn’t provide any actual details on what kind of story they might have in the cards, but notes the possibilities are endless with time travel and the multiverse.

He does provide some of his own speculation that he could be connected to The Eternals given Thanos’ comic origin as the son of Eternals who has a Deviant gene. The Deviants are the long-time rivals of The Eternals.

Not only does Conrad speculate Thanos could be referenced in The Eternals, but he notes he could be mentioned in a possible Nova film given Thanos destroyed Xandar off screen before the events of Avengers: Infinity War took place.

MCU fans will remember the Power Stone was located on Xandar. Thanos acquired the Power Stone before the events of Avengers: Infinity War and used it to attack Asgardian refugees and acquire the Space Stone, which Loki had acquired before the planet was consumed by Surtur.

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On Twitter, Conrad would further speculate that it could be a Thanos prequel movie with his brother Starfox showing up.

Concept art from Ryan Lang of a young Thanos and his family circulated back in June 2019.

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Lang reportedly hinted there was a Thanos flashback at one point in his caption. He wrote, “Thanos family portrait (not really). I was asked to visualize what Eternals looked like next to a young Thanos. I think there was a flash back at one point. That’s all I know. PERIOD. Be polite, or get blocked.”

As for Starfox, Conrad reported in June 2020 that the character had originally been slated to appear in The Eternals according to early casting breakdowns.

However, during production Starfox’s role was removed.

While his role in The Eternals was reportedly removed, Conrad does detail that Marvel Studios might still have plans for the wily brother of Thanos.

He doesn’t give any specific details on what Marvel Studios has planned for Starfox, but he does speculate that he could appear in a possible Secret Invasion adaptation or even show up in Captain Marvel 2.

As Conrad notes, if the Marvel Cinematic Universe does plan on moving forward after Avengers: Endgame, it would make sense that the brother of Thanos might show up.

What do you make of Marvel Studios having plans for Thanos? What about Starfox potentially showing up? Are there any story adaptations with Thanos and Starfox you would want to see?